Need help picking a video card.

:??: I need helping picking a Video card. I hate to beat a dead horse but which should I choose a 660ti or a 7950? and why?
I really dislike screen tearing so I am leaning in the green camp as of now but worry about the 192bit memory bus.
I only play at 1920x1080 and Can't afford a 2k monitor for a long long time so playing at higher rez isn't a option for god knows when. every review I have see in titles that I care about the 660ti beats out the 7950. I play Crysis Warhead and BF3.

I have been eyeballing this card and this card I don't Want to pay another penny more.

My system spec's are 3930k,32gbram,850w Power supply.
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  1. Your link is not working for your 7950 can you relink it
  2. Guess I asked the wrong question or something. I bought the 7950 just now hope I did the right thing.
  3. you would have been better off buying a gtx 670
  4. Well, not going a penny more than $300, I think you did the right thing. The 660Ti is better for BF3, but the 7950 is better for Crysis Warhead. I'd say the 7950 will hold up better in future games because of the 3GB VRAM and 384-bit memory interface. The 660ti is going to choke on that 192-bit interface at some point, it already does in Crysis and Crysis Warhead. Also the HD 7950 is better at overclocking - should give you 7970/670 performance. That'll last you a while - enjoy. :)
  5. Really? why :/
  6. I posted that too late why is the GTX 670 better?
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    Alabamaman said:
    I posted that too late why is the GTX 670 better?

    It is the best choice, but it's $400. You got a great card at the $300 price point.
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  9. sounds good enough to me. Thank you
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