Bf3 stutter on ultra

hi guys,
i have a radeon 6850 1GB video card, which runs bf3 great! but,
whenever i turn on ultra i got stutter that goes bad over time (it's start as micro-stutter and ends with huge-unplayable stutter.
after the stutter occurs the only way too stop it is to re-join the server and switch to high before it starts.
well, i got this mostly with textures and shadows on ultra, also AA on 4x.
i found out that this has something to do with the fact that i have 1GB vram or something like that.
is there anyway to fix this?
here's the rest of my specs:
fx-4100 OC'd to 4.2
4GB ram
550 psu
win. 7 64bit
btw, this doesn't occur on singleplayer.
thanks in advanced! :p
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  1. you are not supposed to run bf3 at ultra.if you are, you are supposed to play it without aa. at most id say high settings
  2. single player is less demanding than multiplayer. not to mention fx isnt that great for gaming
  3. Micro stuttering usually happens when it can't pull information off the hard drive fast enough. My hard drive is slow and I have problems like that just in different games. I don't play bf3 so I'm not sure if having only one gig would cause it to do that. I do know this though, my friend plays it on his 6770 which is two or three steps below your 6850, and his doesn't like to go up much past high. That's all I can really tell you, but someone else will have a real answer for you :D
  4. a 6850 is not going to pull BF3 ultra. A FX might not either.
  5. he could at that resoultion...
  6. Yes at that res.
  7. 1gb is more then enough at 1080p or below. i max EVERYTHING and hit 950mb vram average. it might hit 1000 occasionally but that still leave 24mb left so its not vram that is your problem unless you have a higher resolution then 1080p.

    also with one 6950 i can even play ultra at 1080p so with a 6850 dont expect to be able to play ultra unless you are at a lower resolution.
  8. Could be you are running out of VRAM and that is causing stuttering. BF3 can use more than 1GB on ultra settings, especially with the AA cranked up. You can use MSI Afterburner to monitor your VRAM usage. If it's going above 1024MB, then you are exceeding your card's framebuffer, and that will cause a stuttering effect as the extra data has to go to the system RAM, which is slower than the RAM on your graphics card.

    If you are exceeding 1GB of VRAM usage, all you can do is turn some settings down, or buy a new video card with more than 1GB of RAM. Try switching the AA to FXAA, that is much less demanding on the GPU and VRAM than MSAA.
  9. thanks. also, about the res, i'm playing on 1280x1024, so... yeah..
    but, if you say that a 1440x900 monitor might do the trick, can anybody recommend on a cheap one that has HDMI? i was looking for a new monitor anyway.
    thanks for the quick replies guys!
  10. 1280x1024 is ok. dont downgrade
  11. just turn off aa
  12. a HD 6850 on MP can't do Ultra only HIGH and no AA

    Edit: also to everyone saying a FX can't do ultra

    i play on 64mp on ultra and get 55-60FPS w/o AA and get dips in the 40s
  13. simple as that.

    I have 560s in sli and I can not crank up AA without the frame rates going crazy and to low to play. 560 x 2 is like having a gtx 580 that cant run AA.

    Just turn AA down. I use FXAA as a filler.
  14. fxaa will do the job but it might not be on amd cards.
  15. FXAA is vendor agnostic if the game has it. In BF3 it's called Post Processing AA or something like that. It will work on AMD or Nvidia. The only Nvidia exclusive FXAA is the option to force FXAA in games that don't have it built in with the Nvidia Control Panel.
  16. yeah ok then.
  17. so wait, with a 1440x900 res i could run bf3 on ultra or not? if yes, then can anybody recommend a monitor?
    also what's FXAA?
    i know i should downgrade the AA and turn it off, but the textures still give me stutter.
  18. you probably can but down grading monitors isnt that ideal.

    fx aa is like a very fast version of AA. not the best quality but at least its aa.

    there isnt too much of a difference between high and ultra from what i saw
  19. oh ok. so how do i activate fxaa asssuming that i have that kind of feature on my gpu?
  20. go to the game and find the fxaa option. if you dont have it, its most likely amd cards not having it
  21. ok so i did what you said (no FXAA but i turned the MSAA off) and i still get stutter whenever i put the textures on ultra! i'v noticed this doesn't happen to other 6850, so i'm quit confused.
    anybody can help me?
  22. Just put settings on High and call it a day... game looks great anyways
  23. Get msi afterburner...have it show gpu ram use....then open BF3 and set it so you can see your frame rates. (`render.drawfps 1). Set things to high and slowly go down the list making things ultra. Play and check gpu use and frame dipps. You should be able to get a mix of high/ultra settings. Under 1 gig of gpu ram can not max out AA.

    I use FXAA and it is not a good. It is better than nothing but it is not as good.
  24. id actually say that your internet could be a bottleneck
  25. TheBigTroll said:
    id actually say that your internet could be a bottleneck

    yeah at that resolution i cant see the 6850 not be able to play ultra.
  26. you just need rather fast internet. i found that when i switched companies. saw a nice 8fps gain. this was from a 6mbps to a 16mbps connection.
  27. are you serious? internet problem? i mean i knew internet is affecting online gameplay but i thought it was lag or anything like that.
    let's say it's not the internet problem and that my gpu CAN run ultra on that res, why can't i actually do it?
    also i'm considering on going 1920x1080 full HD, so i'm guessing no ultra on that res, right?
    thx for the quick replies btw
  28. going to 1080p will only allow you to play at high.

    also, just stay at high settings. there isnt too much difference from ultra to high
  29. oh and as for gpu switch:
    no way in hell.
    i busted my ass on getting the for this pc, so a new one?
    besides, my cpu can't support that much power.
  30. ok....
    what about getting better fps?
    any methods?
  31. lower down to high settings....
  32. yeah dude i know but on high....
    i'm maybe gonna upgrade to 8gb will it upper my fps on high?
  33. Avinoam73 said:
    yeah dude i know but on high....
    i'm maybe gonna upgrade to 8gb will it upper my fps on high?

    nope. ram wont help that much
  34. tourist said:
    your cpu can handle a 7850 or even a gtx670. If you do not want to spend money for a upgrade, you will have to start oc the gpu.

    There are to many variables too consider when comparing one 6850 to another. Just drop resulution and enjoy the game.

    that is true your cpu can handle a GTX 670 and a HD 7950 but not a GTX 680 or HD 7970 or multil gpu setup ?
  35. guys, guys, it's not quetionable. not only i don't have the money, my father will blow up just thinking about it.
    so as for now, i am not going to buy a new gpu.
  36. ok then. just play at high settings. period.
  37. ok, so thanks anyway, sorry if i was annoying at my questions... :ange:
  38. tourist said:
    I noticed a ? mark after your post as if you are unsure about what you posted. The answer is the fx4100 can handle a 7970 , gtx680 or even multi gpu, the fx may not be able to utilize all of it but it will not be noticed unless you benchmark.

    oh so sorry its not a question i know the FX 4100 can handle those. i just put question marks behind all of my sentences ?
  39. there are no best answers for a discussion thread
  40. ok
  41. actually i was going to choose his answer anyway, i just can't do it yet XD
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