Nvidia GT 630 or ATI HD 5670 or ATI HD 6570


i want to buy a graphics card

nvidia GT 630 or ATI HD 5670 or ATI HD 6570 in this which is the best card

please help me with this im really confused with this

and also can any 1 tell me does my board supports 400watts power supply because ati requires 400watts power supply

my board is intel dg965ms

thank you
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  1. No card around your price range is going to be really really fantastic but if you just looking to step up over onboard graphics I see why you would want one. I would think about spending the extra 10 or 15 bucks over the ones you were looking at and buy a gpu like this:

    there is a GDDR5 version of the 6670 that would perform better, but that would be a good $40 or so over your budget and if you were going to spend that money you'd be best off spending $25 or so more for a 6770, or 7750.
  2. thank you for your reply mace200200 but my budget range is within those cards and i want to know which 1 is the best card from the above specified cards
  3. 6570 then,

    I mean 5670, its just two numbers switched around and I got them messed up :p
  4. can you tell me does it supports to my board because i dont how to find out about the power supply support from my board

    my motherboard is intel dg965ms
  5. You can't find the power supply from the board. The power supply is on the power supply.
  6. ok i will check it

    thank you
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