Ati 7870, VGA to DVI noob question

Hi, guys I am sorry if im asking this,
but I am using a old monitor on 1280x1024 and that only has a vga connector..

Got an i5 3570k, so I can only use the hd4000 onboard :(.

I am planning to buy a new monitor in next month or so.

Atm I cant use my 7870, because it uses DVI right?
And where is a good place to get a VGA to DVI connector from a UK website?

Thank you so much
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  1. thank you so much
  2. Make sure to pick a best answer ;) :) ;)
  3. inerax said:
    Make sure to pick a best answer ;) :) ;)

    Wish I could, wont let me because I clicked on ask the community option i think
  4. Hi, I have got that adapter installed and got the card working :).
    But when I am playing games my card makes an annoying squealing sound?.
    Is it just the fans or something?
    I got the XFX DD 7870 2gb
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