Pc crashed during game then will not post

Hello everyone,

Three days ago I purchased a cucial m4 ssd and a Asus hd7850 v2 gpu to upgrade my pc. I did a clean install of win7 64bit pro and installed the new video card. Everything was working fine for two days. I ran some prime95 test for only an hour to see the temperature and 52 celsious load and 36 stock is what i got.

Then today i installed nba2k13 and only after 15 minutes of play my computer crashed and turned off immediately. So then i powered my pc on again, all the fans are spinning but no video output. I replaced the 7850 with my old gt9800 and still nothing. I tested my two ram sticks individually and nothing. I inserted windows cd and disconnected my ssd and nothing. It seems the system will not post at all.

Ive checked cpu powerfan power and they are all good. I have asus p5ql pro with intel q8400 cpu and cooler master 212 plus heatsink. Psu is 600W from ocz.

Since the system was running fine up until the game crash, can i assume its something to do with the gpu? It will be at least few days before i can exchange for a new one so i am wondering is there anything else i could be doing meanwhile to debug this problem.

I did not do any overclocking on any of my components.
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  1. So i just tested my hd7850 gpu in a friends pc and it seems to be working. I also tested out my ssd and it is fine as well. So now i am suspecting my psu to be the problem. Can a working psu become bad during normal usage? I will borrow another psu to test it out tmr.
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