Cant get geforce 240gt 1gb to work

I have the ASUS M2N32N-SLI delux mobo and a nvidia geforce 240gt 128 bit 1gb ddr3. I am changing over from a 8500gt. the 8500gt works fine but the 240gt wont be found in the device manager even in the slave pcie x16 slot under my 8500gt. if i start the rig with just the 240gt i get the no video card/bad memory beeps from the sys speaker(beeeeeeeep,beep,beep,beep) is this thing toasted or what?
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  1. I'm guessing it doesnt work at all with the GT240?
  2. that would be a guess. or maybe stating the obvious. anyone actually have an idea?
  3. Did you get the GT240 used? What are the rest of your system specifications?
  4. yes i did buy it used but it was tested working. more specs: AMD athlon 2.6ghz, windows 7 build7600, 2gb g skill ddr2, currently running sparkle geforce 8500gt, wd caviar 500gb. oh and the 240gt is a galaxy btw.
  5. So when you boot it with the GT240, what specifically happens?
  6. Where did you buy it and what do you mean by "tested working". Sounds suspiciously like a used ebay item that usually doesn't work.
  7. when i boot, the monitor doesn't connect(no display at all, not even bios) if i plug my internal speaker in to the mobo it eventually gives a long beep followed by three short beeps. does not shut down, just error and no display.
  8. might there just be some odd memory setting i could tweek to make it run? lots of option on this mobo
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