Interesting story about selling my GPU

This isn't a question but I thought some of you might find it funny. I just sold my 560 ti to put the money towards a new card and the guy who responded to the ad showed up at my place in a shirt, tie, SILVER BADGE, XDM .40 Cal! Two cops, looked like detectives, definitely not your typical police officer.

Scared the heck outta me, asking me questions about the card I felt like I was being interrogated. I feel like the police are after me and I havent even done anything wrong.

I hope the card serves them as well as it has me, I wouldn't know how I would tell them no refunds.
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  1. Ever hear of Facebook?
  2. No.............yeah I have. I made a status update about this. No one made you read it. States pretty clearly in the first line that it isn't a question but any interesting story. Ever hear of douchebag?
  3. *laughs*
    Nice. And your right, nobody made me read this. :)
  4. Nah you're right it doesnt really belong on here I was a little frantic and wanted to tell somebody. I am gonna remove it here in a minute
  5. haha it actually does "belong" here being that it is the GPU section. and it is just a general discussion forum not a question. So not really a problem.. :)
  6. I'm excessively confused as to there motives, how they found your house, how they got the info to (hopefully) legally get the info of where you live from ebay. Not to mention the fact they showed up armed. I woulda just slipped silently out the back door the instant I saw a gun...
  7. I posted the ad on craigslist, he called me and I spoke to him on the phone seemed normal enough. I have weapons as well, and alarm system and really good neighbors so I told him to come by so he could actually see the card in action. A little warning would have been nice, "Hey, I am a scary cop by the way, and I am gonna be packing when I come in your home." One of them could have stayed in the car with the firearms or something? I would like to have seen my face when I opened the door, something about cops just creeps me out, especially when they are in my home.

    Anyway so far so good, I got my new card the 660 TI built by NVIDIA and I haven't heard back from the cop so I guess he is happy with it.
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