How bypass case power hookup

I am try to hookup a motherboard outside of the case. There are 3 contacts in the m'brd PwrSw pin blocks: +5v, gnd, & pwr. I assume these are the only relevant pins ?

How should I connect these to power up the board ?
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    You see the pins in the bottom right where you would connect the cases power switch to? Get a screwdriver and short those pins, that will start the mobo.
  2. Or if you can get your hands on one from somewhere else a jumper would work too, put it on when you want the system on and take it off when you want to shut it down
  3. I traced the "pins on the bottom right" & saw that the power switch merely shorted the "pwr" pin to "gnd" to complete the circuit.

    Thanks for the clues.
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