Recommend a mobo for gaming

This will be my first time to build my own gaming rig, what can you recommend for a

motherboard, gaming monitor and PSU

to accomodate my specs? I read somewhere that i have to choose the right motherboard for my processor.

Processor: intel i5 3570K
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1600MHz
GPU: Radeon HD 7950

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  1. get a z77 motherboard. Also get 8gb ram.
  2. AsRock Z77 Extreme4
    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
    ASUA P8Z77-V LK
    Those are all the good gaming oriented boards, all roughly the same in terms of features. Get the one you like the look of and you wont make a bad decision.

    Agree, double the RAM to 8GB.

    Whats the budget on the monitor? If your after just a standard 1080p monitor, this will be fine.
    ASUS VS248H-P Black 24". $160 ($20 rebate)

    For a single card, a 650W unit will be plenty.
    XFX Core 650W, 80+ Bronze. $80 ($20 rebate)
    If your looking for dual Crossfire/SLI capability (which all the boards mentioned can handle), then get a 750W unit.
  3. Thanks manofchalk, i would certainly put your recommendations on top of my list!
    also pardon this rookie question, to clarify, are dual "Crossfire/SLI capability" mentioned for multiple monitors and video cards?
  4. Crossfire (AMD cards) and SLI (Nvidia cards) is when you run multiple graphics cards in tandem to increase performance. The boards I mentioned will adequately support up to two cards running in Crossfire/SLI.
    If you are running dual cards, you will want to be gaming across multiple monitors to take advantage of the extra performance. On a single monitor the performance will be bottlenecked if you are running any decent cards.
  5. Actually, made a mistake. The Gigabyte board I was thinking of was the GA-Z77X-D3H, not UD3H.
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