Is the M14x R1 Out of Date? (Should I build a desktop?)

Hello! Im new to the forum, but not to computers. Ive been into PC's for about 7 years (im 16). Anyways,

I have had my Alienware M14x for a year and a half. It has the 3gb Vram upgrade, and the i7 processor. I have been able to play most games on medium settings, but as new stuff comes out I wonder if I should build a desktop to take over as my gaming rig. I already have a desktop build in my wishlist on newegg, but am not sure if I should order it because I don't want to replace something that doesn't need it :/ .

Thanks guys!

-Chris N.
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  1. Well it depends if you are unsatisfied with your Alienwares performance. If its enough for your gaming needs than there's no need to upgrade it.

    Also why did you get a VRAM upgrade? The screen is only 1600x900, not even enough to maximize 1GB of RAM in most games (modded Skyrim and Metro 2033 might be exceptions).
  2. I have been running this on my 1080p monitor, overclocked. My most played game is Skyrim with a bunch of mods (graphic enhancers). I am pretty sure that requires more than 1 gig of ram.
  3. As I said, modded Skyrim is the exception.

    EDIT: Ahh, I see where some confusion would have been caused. I meant to say VRAM above.
    Also you overclocked your laptop, you are a brave man!
  4. I went ahead and ordered most of my build, as I need more power and my laptop will be used mainly for school work and small gaming.

    My Build:
    -AMD Vishera FX-8320
    -Coolermaster Hyper 212 Heatsink
    -ASUS Sabertooth 990fx Mother Board
    -8gigs of G.Skill Ram
    -Thermaltake 750w PSU
    -Asus DRW-24B1 DVD/CD Burner
    -Seagate Barracuda 1TB 64MB cache, 7.2k rpm

    All in a Thor V2 Case. I am still unsure of the GPU. I wanted to put in a Radeon 7870 then get another in the future for a crossfire setup, but I am still thinking about it. Time to take a trip to Frys!
  5. Get the best single card you can afford, that's what it pretty much it pretty much comes down to for graphics card choices.
  6. Alright, It seems like I am going to get an ASUS Radeon HD 7870 for my GPU whenever my local Frys has it in stock again :/

    Is my PSU (750w) enough for this build?

    -Chris N.

    PS: This Forum kicks ass!
  7. More than enough, 750W is enough to run two cards (assuming its a good brand/quality 750W).
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