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Can someone advise me on a new Graphics card and PSU?

I have spotted a
Palit 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 610 Graphics Card and a Powercool 750W 80+ Dual 12V V2.2 High Efficiency PSU.

I currently have 2gb of DDR2 Ram and a Q6600 Quad core @2.4Ghz. I also have 2 500GB HDD and a DVD RW drive. My motherboard is a G31T-M (V1.0)

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  1. What is the GPU going to be used for? The GT610 is really really low level and not suitable for gaming if that is your goal.

    Also what OS are you using?
  2. I am using Vista 32bit and It is for gaming. What would you recommend?

    My budget is about £100. I have been looking on
  3. With a budget of 100 and for the purpose of gaming, I would get a console. The 610 is not that much better than integrated graphics. May I ask a few things:

    1) What games do you want to play?
    2) What resolution?
    3) What quality, fps would you accept?

    100 pounds for a GPU and PSU are not much.

    This may fit your budget

    I hope this helps.
  4. Thanks that has helped a lot. :) I may go with those choices.
  5. You're welcome. However, without knowing the games or resolution, I am not sure it is enough.
  6. 6670 should be solid upgrade ;)
  7. I usually have a res of 1280x1024 and I play games like Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and the Total War series.

    I am looking to play BF3 as well but my current card which is a Geforce 8500GT 512MB says no. :P
  8. At low-mid settings Skyrim and ME3 should be OK at your resolution. Total War won't be a problem at all. Enjoy.
  9. My PSU is an Enlight GPS-350AB C if that helps as well
  10. OK, the one I suggested should be better than that one. I would keep it though for diagnostics as having a spare PSU can be handy.
  11. Cheers.

    What about this card
    Zotac GeForce GT 630 Synergy Edition 1GB; GeForce GT 630; 2560 x 1600 pixels; NVIDIA; 1024 MB; DDR3-SDRAM; 128 bit (ZT-60404-10L)

    would I need to change PSU for it and is it worth getting?
  12. I would stick with the 6670 as suggested prior.
  13. Ok will do cheers for your help. :)
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