Graphics card issues

Hi, my card is a 6850, im going to list the issues and what have i done, i really need help

Was playing wow and my screens started showing lines on, then my pc turned off, i turned it back on waited 5 mins and screens didn't show anything.

removed card, did the oven trick, started working fine no lines on screen
after 30 seconds computer turned off, after 10 seconds it came back on with nothing on screen
reset pc, booted into safe mode, used driver sweeper to remove drivers
booted into windows 7 normally with no drivers, working fine
re-installed drivers using catalyst, reset pc and booted up fine
after 2 minutes my pc did the same as what it did earlier, turned off and came back on after 10 seconds

its being recognized by windows, shows no lines on screen, drivers get installed successfully but my pc seems to be refusing to work with drivers

are there any fixes for this issue? feel free to ask anything about my issue and i will try to answer.

thanks in advance :)
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  1. could you test the hd 6850 in another system and what is your psu
  2. i dont have another system to test it in and my psu is a budget priced 750w
  3. you got to find a way to test you hd 6850 to see if it is the card or the motherboard did you test your memory stick with memtest the first time that happens
  4. my memory is fine, would re-installing windows fix the problem?
  5. before you try to reinstall windows do a short test on your hdd with is maker tool to see if drive working good do not rely only on the smart status
  6. seems like the card works when its idle but when i open a program my pc turns off then back on
  7. card is fixed, i removed it, installed all the onboard graphics drivers, put the card back in and it worked prefect :)
  8. just a simple missing driver from the motherboard video,good have fun
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