My 6600gt Keep freezing During install of windows

hello...As you can see above, that is the problem i am having :(

Well, i don't know hwat specs i can give you, but i will try my best to help you, help me.

My Motherboard is : K7vt6 , from ASROCk. Virsion 1.3, try getting to 1.6 but no luck.

the ram is 768mb, 2 sticks. (mem test them... more than 280 bad sectors... oh who gives...i just want to install windows..)

Grahpics card, as listed, 6600gt (gv-n66t128d)

Power supply unit : 300Watts max, or 268max

last but not least : 40Gb IDE.

I try to install windows with 9600 x1050, it worked fine, not freezing during install.

But with this (6600gt) it goes well for 1 mintue, then everytime~! it freezesat "install drives" with a half cutted word "install will complete in"

Please help, If you need anything, i will try to provide.
Thank you.
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  1. I would sort out the ram first. Since ram can corrupt data being written to the system and cause all kinds of errors and freezing.

    Try each stick with memtest and see what stick is bad.

    If you have access to an old PCI card you may be able to install with that then swap in the 6600.
  2. chang792 said:
    the ram is 768mb, 2 sticks. (mem test them... more than 280 bad sectors... oh who gives...i just want to install windows..)

    This. Granted the video card might not want to work well with you here, but you definitely need to get this sorted.

    The suggestion about using another video card to install Windows is a good one. Go that route, but fix your RAM issues.
  3. Hello, i have already fine the bad ram and repalced it .(but still, have 8 errors)

    Since, i don't have a PCI card, i use an other AGP card, it is a dying 9200SE. (everything is out of colour)

    But it turn black screen after 5 mintues...

    Is there any way i can install windwos and use my 6600GT card>?

  4. It honestly should have worked. Windows just sees it as a generic card. Strange that with ram replaced you still have errors. It may help to remove, disable any other hardware(USB/Comm ports/sound) for the install, but not normally required.

    Have you tried each stick to see if one is stable?

    What version of Windows are you installing anyway?
  5. Hello nukemaster,

    yes i have try each stick, the 512 and the 256mb or ram, and the grahpics card (6600gt) keep gettign stick at the same moment at the same time "installing deivecs"

    and i am trying to install windwos Xp :D

  6. Do both sticks have errors on memtest?

    Have you tried to use the bios to disable un-used devices(do not disable USB if you use a usb keyboard/mouse).

    I never remember XP being that hard to install.
  7. Hello,

    Er..., Both have eight erros, but when i test both of them together only equal (=) 8 erros...Strange...

    And i am not sure does my BIOS have that kind of disable Un-used devices function

    Plus, Xp isn't a problem, is the grahpics card (6600gt) that is causing all this...
    i am starting to my grahpics card dying?

  8. Hello,

    Then can anyne tell me, is it my grahpics card Problem?

    it freezes in installion of windows and it also freezes at safe mode...

  9. It could well be the video card failing(the 6600gt is an old card). Do you have another system or a friends system to test it in?
  10. Hello nukemaster,

    Thank you very much, my 6600gt Worked~! on an other motherboard GA-8SIML.

    But the bad thing is, it will not work on my K7vt6...

    I am not sure what could be the reason, as the K7vt6 does work with ATI 9600...

    The K7vt6 does say "3.3v might cause damaged..." on the motherboard near the AGP Area, could that be it?

    But still, thank you once again nukemaster. :)

    (i can finally play some real games ~!!!!!!)

    Edit: after i try to play a game...

    Uh oh, new Problem... >_<

    Here i upload a photo

    Please Don't tell me that the grahpics card is bad... i just got it working... :(
  11. That looks like a card overheating or going bad.

    For overheating

    Check to make sure the fan is in fact spinning. It may also be a good time to make sure the fins are clean.

    Look in on the 2 sides with the thin fins from the fan side and ensure it is not solid with dust, those are very close fins so dust gets trapped on the fan side and can lead to overheating.

    If you have a can of compressed gas(air duster), blast some quick shots of air into the heatsink on the open side. You should see some dust fly out at the fan side.

    Do not blast in long bursts as it can spin up the fan and is not that good for it.

    All this also assumes you are NOT removing the heatsink as that requires new thermal paste.
  12. Hello ,

    I have clean the fan a bit(well at lest "is not soild with dust").

    Still, the grahpics card is not going well...

    But some times, Only once for a second, it goes back to normal...

    Here is a photo of my grahpics card being normal...

    If you say is heat problem, is there an other way of cooling it? i already have two fans orking on it, and it is not working.

    If there is no hope, i might want to oven my grahpics card :(

  13. Because the card is old, it may or may not support temperature monitoring.

    Unfortunately, many things can cause this problem.

    -Bad ram(you cant fix it). I had this with a 4200ti card, nothing I could do, but it was under warranty so it was replaced.
    -Bad GPU core(you cant fix this)
    -Bad power, but if it does it in more then once system. its not likely this
    -Heat. You can fix this, but it looks exactly the same as bad GPU core so is hard to trouble shoot unless you can get the cards temps.
    -Core de-soldering. Very doubtful, but that would be the only reason to bake the card.
    -Drivers. almost impossible in this case.

    The worst part is that AGP cards are far and few these days and overpriced to hell.
  14. Hello,

    i am not sure is this what you are looking for...but here

    ( they are running with out any load...)


    one more thing, shouldn't i have only 128mb of ram?? (graphics ram)

    i am not sure is this site even accurate
  15. What site was that?

    I have seen many sites mess up on video memory.

    Your temps do not look out of place. A load temp would help, but if you are crashing, you should log it with GPU-z so even if you crash the temperatures will have been logged(2 bottom check marks and select a easy to get to file location to log to).

    If you are not overheating, the card may be going bad. Not much you can do, you can try to make it, but the 6600's did not seem to be a card that has solder issues requiring that fix.
  16. That site was from System requirements lab

    And after i bit of thought, your right.

    The card is bad, if i do anything more, it is a waste of time.

    Thanks for spearing your time trying to help me.

    (I guess that card can't be used for 3D gaming, but at less it can be used for surfing the web... and watching videos.)
  17. If it gets worse(tends to happen after it starts to go bad), even those activities may be effected.
  18. ... ... ... I hate you... ... ...
  19. chang792 said:
    ... ... ... I hate you... ... ...

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