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Hello gentlemen,

I was wondering if the time has come to change graphic card. I am currently sitting with ATI 4870 from quite a few years back, the rest of the pc got upgraded since then with an i7 950 processor and a SSD drive.

The pc is mainly used for games and movies.
I know that it would not be hard to get an upgrade for my card but I am wondering which and if I should get one now or wait a couple of months.

The main alternatives I have been looking on is NVIDIA 670 and ATI 7970.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on wether I should wait for a new card or which particular card I should choose

- Thank you!
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  1. What power supply are you using? The 7970 is what I would prefer. I just believe it is a better card, thought the 670 is good as well.
  2. Between the two HD 7970.
  3. Sorry about that, I got Corsair AX850.

    Also if you reckon that I would be better off to replace my current gpu with a cheaper one on the market please feel free to mention.

    I am looking for a bang for the buck but it would not be a problem to spend a bit if I get a card that can kick ass for a while

    Once again your feedback is very much appreciated!
  4. you playing at 1080p?

    What sort of FPS and AA settings you use?
    PSU is solid.
  5. Well, if you don't want to spend too much, I would recommend the 7870. It would last you quite awhile; probably longer than that 4870 has lasted you.
  6. I don´t play on 1080p, I don´t notice so much which settings I use. In general I always try to aim for the highest but you could call me very allergic to lag so I tend to pull it down by quite a bit which is also the reason I really consider switching card currently.

    As mentioned every other part I currently got in my PC should all be ahead of my gpu since it was the only thing I did not purchase at that time. I used to play world of warcraft so the processor change managed to do it for me at that point.
  7. If you don't plan to move to 1080p soon, you don't need a 7970.

    Either a 7850 or 780 will play anything at very high settling sub-1080p.
    Have you a budget?
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