EVGA GTX570 012-P3-1570-AR or 012-P3-1570-BR? Need help ASAP!


I placed an order on recently for an EVGA 012-P3-1570-AR GTX 570 to SLI with my other one.

I was contacted today that they do not have the 012-P3-1570-AR but instead have the 012-P3-1570-BR and want to know if this is ok to send to me...

I know that this violates seller/buyer agreement and that I have all right to decline for a refund, but I really do not know if there is even any difference between the two cards.

Can someone please tell me if there is any difference between the two cards and what you would do in my situation?
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  1. Also, I should probably mention that I believe that the 012-P3-1570-AR has been discontinued. and I really do want to SLI with identical cards...
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    Specs seem the same, the BR seems to be a revision of the AR. If anything, it's probably newer and more stable. Honestly, I'm looking into detail, and since the GPU is the exact same. There will be no problems with SLI using your existing GTX 570 with either the AR or BR versions.
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  4. locomoco321 said:
    Specs seem the same, the BR seems to be a revision of the AR. If anything, it's probably newer and more stable. Honestly, I'm looking into detail, and since the GPU is the exact same. There will be no problems with SLI using your existing GTX 570 with either the AR or BR versions.

    Thanks, I'll go ahead and reply to the email. I just wasn't sure what type of variation it was and wasn't able to find any info on the BR at all...

    If it's a second revision, do you think it could be better to make that card the primary in my SLI config?
  5. No it really won't matter in the end. They are both the same chips although I should mention this to you because you may not have noticed this. But I think you mean KR not BR here is a list of all the 570's. Also I would maybe hold off on buying a 2nd 570 the new 600 series cards the single card solution would beat a 570 in sli easily something like a 670ti or even a 660ti is faster as 2 560ti's in sli just something to look into.

    KR=may or may not be superclocked one is one isnt.

  6. Yeah. I wasn't able to find many references to the BR model anywhere. Even on EVGA's site that listed all their products, a BR variation was not listed. I opened a ticket with EVGA to see if they would be able to clarify on any differences, or even the existence of a BR variation...
  7. Also, since I'm new to this forum and jumped to mark a best answer, is there a way to remove that? lol. I haven't actually found a definite answer and I guess I won't have one till I get the card in the mail...
  8. It's all good man when you get the card put the sku in here I'm curious
  9. I'm really getting annoyed. Now this Seller (Digital Storm) is trying to say that it's okay to send me an open boxed product!!!
    That's not cool... I think I'm going to cancel purchase... Glad it's a Google Trusted Store. I used PayPal too...
  10. Honestly, I would go through newegg. Cancel the order you have now tell them to pand sand and that you don't appreciate the service rendered. That you wont pay a restocking fee because you wanted a new product that you were let known you were buying and buy elsewhere.

    And quite honestly for the amount of money you were putting into buying another 570 you may want to wait and get a single card I know black friday is around the corner maybe they will be a sale on perhaps a 670 which would blow a 570 in sli away.
  11. You can't remove the best answer, it even tells you you can't.

    Anyway, I agree with bigshootr8, with Black Friday coming up, there will be many sales on GTX 670s as well as GTX 570s.

    The two stores I recommend are and

    Also, remember that the GTX 570 to be put into SLI, requires another identical GPU, meaning that you can use different vendors' cards. Watch this if you want to learn more about SLI/Crossfire.

    Anyway, how much are you paying for your GTX 570, as well, how much are you willing to pay for a new graphics card? Many single Kepler or Tahiti based cards will beat GTX 570s in SLI.
  12. Well the price for a 570 now is in the 250-300 dollar range. So when you have the 660ti which beats out a 560ti in sli (which is equal to around a 580) with ease you would think that a 670 would blow a 570 in sli with flying colors for a 100 dollars more. But even if he went with a 660ti its loads faster then his single 570 if hes looking for a graphics upgrade at this point.
  13. I really don't feel like spending more than $300 on a new card, and I figure the performance increase from SLI on 570's should be sufficient for anything I want. I'd really like to just spend $250 on it. Newegg has it as referb for that. Maybe...

    Anyway, I got an answer back from EVGA support about the model number
    -AR means that there is a lifetime limited warranty on the parts
    -BR means that the warranty is limited to 1 year (cheaper product overall)
    -RX I believe means refurbished

    Here's the email from EVGA
    "Product numbers ending in AR are Limited Lifetime Warranty products. Product numbers ending with BR are limited 1 year and because they are BR, they are less expensive than AR products. The product numbers that you have listed are essentially the same cards but with different warranties."
  14. Hmm, well that is very odd I wouldn't want a BR or a KX in terms of a GPU its good to know those extra sku's thanks man. And if you don't mind getting something used there is always Ebay price of 570's is probably considerably lower.
  15. I don't think I'll be buying used on Ebay, but maybe ebay store. IDK. I'll figure something out. I have time to wait anyway. I can see prices dropping black friday/cyber monday anyway...
    and Amazon got more in stock, so I'm less worried about availability as i was...
  16. Oh, and BTW, here's my system's specs (in my signature)
  17. Would you consider selling the GTX 570, and with the money, buying a GTX 670?

    Also, why not hold out on the upgrade until Christmas? I mean, if AMD announces their new cards, they will be significantly faster, and with sales going up around Christmas, then maybe you could pick one up fairly cheap.

    Or around that time, if AMD's cards significantly out perform Kepler, the cost of Kepler cards will go down quite a bit (much like AMD did with their entire line up when Kepler came out and devastated it), and in turn, also drop the price of second-generation Fermi cards.

    At this point, if you are looking for a power upgrade, I would wait and see. I'm willing to bet that when you first purchased your GTX 570, you had future plans for SLI, and that's why you're keen on getting a second. The thing is you have to consider the options. Like @bigshootr8 said, even a single 660 Ti will beat a GTX 580, and a GTX 670 will bring improvement because of its memory bus, to around GTX 570 SLI.

    I highly recommend you take a look at switching to Kepler.

    PS. I'll be happy to continue helping if you have any questions, even if the thread is closed.
  18. The thing is, I keep finding multiple instances where 570's in SLI are beating out these high end single cards (including 670, 680, 580, and 590) in benchmarks.

    Here are a few references
    GTX570SLI score of 64:
    GTX590-63.5, GTX680-59, GTX670-54.5

    Some of the TomsHardware benchmarks show this, but all the tests are a little different
    For GTX 570 SLI benchmarks see,123.html
    For new cards, see,135.html
  19. Yea, it looks like they do that's surprising to me with how easily the 660Ti beat a 560Ti Sli setup which rivals a 580. I don't think it would take a 680 out but it looks that it may be close your benchmark links didn't give me anything that was the same.

    there was however a gentlemen Looniam who found a link with a comparison of metro 2033 with 570sli and a 670

    If you don't mind the extra power draw knock yourself out :P
  20. I'm not too bothered by the power draw. I don't keep the system on for longer than 12 hours at a time anyway. And typically only turn it on 2-4 days a week.

    It's not getting much use now with Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360 to keep me VERY occupied. (LOVE THAT GAME)

    It got ALOT of use when Battlefield 3 came out though. And I have Premium, so I'll be getting all the packs for BF3 and using the PC when they come out.
  21. Yea you like borderlands 2 I'm having a 670 sent to me I hope the experience is cool. I haven't played any borderlands games.

    And I'm right there with you I have BF3 Premium armored kill is so bad arsh!
  22. Borderlands 2 is AWESOME!!!
    quick tip. sign up for the shift account (to get a golden key) and DO NOT open the box in Sanctuary with the golden key till you are a high level.

    BF3 is great on PC. It's right up there with Counter Strike Source and the half-life games in my book.
  23. Do I have to pay for the shift account?

    And I agree I have CSS and BF3. Not sure I'll get the new counter strike though. Battlefield 3 hits the FPS spot :)
  24. Add me on Origin/Battlelog: TFX_Diablo or Steam: scrosati.p

    Anyway, I guess your question has been answered?
  25. Added I'm Calarahil on Orgin/Blog
  26. bigshootr8 said:
    Do I have to pay for the shift account?

    And I agree I have CSS and BF3. Not sure I'll get the new counter strike though. Battlefield 3 hits the FPS spot :)

    Nope, it's free, and you get a free golden key, which is totally worth it. lol.
  27. Okay when I get my card borderlands 2 I'll take a look thanks!
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