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Hey all

I am looking to build a new pc and i am at a crossroad here . My budget is around 1000 USD(thats about 50k here). My first choice is
1) I am looking to buy the intel i5 2500k processor ,gpu:gtx 650 ti and mobo Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3-B3 . The total cost of the three is about 600$ (this is in my country and not in USA). The rest of the build including psu hdd ram amounts to about 200$.
Second choice
2) I could save up some money and buy instead a better gpu ati radeon 7850 HD and cut down processor and mobo cost by buying amd phenom ii 965 and ASUS M5A97 Motherboard which will cost me about ~250US $.

I will be playing at a res of 1440x900 and i will mostly be gaming and might do some vfx and motion graphics. Your opinion is important!

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  1. Hi Zak,

    Both the builds are more than enough for 1440x900.

    I use my 5670 at the same resolution and everything runs fine at medium settings.

    Please pick up the second configuration as you will be able to easily max out all settings at that resolution. You might as well save some money while you are at it.

    Also where are you located? You mentioned 50000 so I am guessing India or Singapore. Let me know your budget so I can build a rig for you.

    Prashant Shah
  2. Yes i live in india my budget is about 50k rs it would be really helpful if you cud tell me the prices of the gpu processor and mobo individually here if you could. My only doubt is considering i am new to amd, will it perform well even though it lags behind 2500k will it be more than sufficient to just simply get 7850 instead ? Also i do want to play at high settings or even ultra i am tired of going mid range and low and hence this build .
  3. Do you also have a case and a power supply?

    I can set something up.
  4. No idea about a case but i think psu we have prime source here 400watt should do?
  5. Have a look at this:


    Processor : i5 2400 - Rs.9500
    Motherboard : Any H77 board - Rs.5000
    Ram : Corsair dominator 2x4GB - Rs.2800
    Power supply : corsair CMPSU-500 Watts - Rs.3500
    Case : CM 311 ( without PSU) - Rs.2000
    HDD : Any brand - Rs.4000
    GPU : Any 7870 - Rs.22000

    Total comes to 48800.

    The 7870 kills anything you throw at it. I have also put in a decent power supply because your Prime power supply are generic and don't even give 60% of their rated wattage output. Stick to corsair. Amazing warranty and performance.

    I recommended the 2400 instead of the 2500K even though you cant overclock it because 7870+2400 >>>> 7820+2500. Both the chips are in the same band and will give similar performance with the same GPU's.

    Most games are more GPU intensive so I recommended a better GPU. You can kill it with this config at ultra at your resolution for years to come. Also all prices are street prices in Bangalore. So do a plus minus of say Rs.1000/1500.

    Let me know if this works bhai.

  6. Thanks for the build! i will definitely look into it, the only thing that i have been worried about for some time is the oc in 2500k and a z68 mobo becoz i believe h77 and h67 mobos dont support oc. Although i dont plan on over clocking in the near future i would try it some time later on. All i want is a stable pc that would run high end games for a min of 3 yrs without a problem, so wat do u think?
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