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Hey everybody,

I'm going to build a budget gaming PC for my little brother. I've sort of chosen the parts, but I would like to know some opinions. The PC will mostly be used for gaming, like Assassin's Creed or Mafia II. The budget is also kind of tight, so I tried to go with the lowest that would work. So remember, I'm not going for the highest FPS, but for gaming on decent settings on 45-60 FPS.

here's the list:
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 3000Ghz
Case: Zalman ZM-T2
RAM: GeIL 8GB DDR3-1333
FAN: Noiseblocker BlackSilentFan XL1 (x3)
PSU: Be Quiet! System power S6 300W

if anyone has some great advice, please respond!
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  1. 3000Ghz! Thats a big overclock (think you meant 3000Mhz, which is 3Ghz).

    Anyway, the build looks good to me. If you can upgrade the CPU a Phenom quad core, but I suspect it will be fine.

    Whats the total budget by the way? I'd be interested to find out how much all that costs,.
  2. The Athlon is not a good chip. Go with a Phenom II quad core.

    What resolution is he playing at? That card may or may not be enough.

    Whatever brand of power supply that is, I can almost guarantee you it'll explode one day. Get a decent power supply.

    That being said, what's your budget? An A10 APU might just do the trick, and he'd get better graphics for cheaper, that way.
  3. whoops my bad, I meant 3Ghz :D

    Pricing is a bit tricky, because I'm buying everything in the Netherlands. But this, with a 18,5" LED screen, and some cheap-ass speakers will be 500 euro, so that would be about 650 dollar. The resolution he'll be playing on is 1366x768.

    I could go with the Phenom, but I'm not sure he will notice very much difference. Other than gaming there will be no power-consuming activities like photoshopping, or rendering movies.

    And what power-supply would you recommend? I don't really know any good brands for this kind of low wattage.
  4. Antec Viper, Antec NEO ECO, Corsair Builder series. They are all fairly good budget/low wattage PSU's.
    As well as the standard staples of Seasonic and XFX.
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