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OK, so I am trying something new in the basement (my own basement that I have bought and paid for, not the parent's basement, just to avoid that whole argument lol), and running into an issue.
The thought was to have 2 monitors in mirror mode. 1 at the desk (now that I found it under all the junk that has been on it the last 5 years), and another on the coffee table next to the couch (where my computer has previously resided for... well... some 10+ years or so).
So far I love the new setup. The computer is out of the way where I do not hear it, the headphones reach both locaitons, and I have a wireless keybaord and mouse that floats between the 2 spots. Just turn 1 monitor off, and the other one on, and I am ready to go!

So, there is a snag (of course, something had to go wrong), my old monitor is a Hanns-G 28" (yes, purchased before it was rebranded as a 27"... really it is 27.8 but whatever) and it is happily running on good old VGA until I can find an HDMI extender, while the other monitor is a 26" Apple Cinema Display (of course the problem had to be an apple product lol) which is running via DVI. The issue is that the Cinema Display is having screen tearing issues like crazy when I try and play games, or watch movies with a lot of motion in them.

Anywho, if anyone has an idea on how to fix it I am all ears.

System specs:
GTX570 currently stock speeds, but occasionally OC'd when playing games
Hanns-G 28" monitor, 1920*1200 60fps via VGA (later will do HDMI)
Apple Cinema Display, 1920*1200 60fps via DVI (Having a color correct screen is SOOOO nice!)
Win8RTM 64bit
See sig for other hardware details
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  1. Have you tried vsync? That should fix it in games at least.
  2. well, I changed from 60Hz to 59Hz, and that cleared up the video tearing, and most of the game issues. Apparently the Cinema Display does not take kindly to 60fps (it is an older one).
    Gaming still has some screen tears, but at least it is playable now. If anyone has the silver bullet in dealing with the display then I am all ears.

    yes, vsync is on
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