70$ left, what should I do ?

Hi !

I'm planning to build a small budget gaming rig. I want to play civ 5, company of heroes, diablo 3 and ps2 emulator. That's what i've got now:

i3 3220
Gigabyte h77 mobo
500 gb caviar blue hdd
xfx 550 watt psu
HIS radeon 7770
antec three hundred two case
2x4 gb g.skill ram
dvd writer
Asus 24 inch led monitor

I have something like 70$ remaining on my budget. What should I do with it ?

- Put a small ssd (60 gb) for my OS
- Change the I3 for an I5 3450
- Change the gpu for a 7850 1gb

Thanks !
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  1. Go for a 7850 for sure.
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