HD 7870 or HD 7950?

hey guys, is the price difference to performance ratio worth getting an HD 7950 instead of an HD 7870? The difference is about $50 but Is that enough to justifly going from 2GB to 3GB, and 256 bit(1200Hz) to 384 bit(1250Hz)? The card will be for gaming, no video editing or anything like that. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated
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  1. i would get the 7950
  2. what games will you be playing so i can get the benchmarks
  3. right now BF3, Batman, and Borderlands 2 but I will be playing Marvel Heroes and DayZ(the stand alone version) once they come out too
  4. also what resolution/AA settings
  5. 1920x1080 is the resolution, and as far as AA settings as high as they'll go with my rig I suppose :P whichever card I get will go with an i5 3570k ivy bridge cpu and 8GB of RAM
  6. i would get the msi R7950 but if you really want to save some money and don't care about 5-10fps get the asus directCUII top
  7. I'm running a 7870. I've been very happy with this card especially considering the price I paid for it. Sure the 7950 is better.. if you have the money, go for it. I personally love to play in the $200-240 world. Keep the card for a year or so and sell it. It's a good price point to get a decent resale value without breaking the bank today.
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