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Hello guys I was wondering which GTX 660 ti to buy !
ASUS/msi/Gigabyte/EVGA/ZOTAC .
I play games at 1920x1080 .
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  1. I would suggest ASUS :-
    ASUS DirectCU II Top
    EVGA Superclocked.

    Don't go for MSI, they were caught overvolting cards that make you PC fail to POST.
    Gigabyte is good too.

    Also, I would suggest the Radeon HD 7870 or 7850 as an alternative. HIS is good for AMD.
    Good luck on your choice
  2. do people even think about the articles,3283.html
    gigabyte=good all around
    EVGA=well i never have looked into the evga but they're usually not the best
    zotec=power hungry/loud
  3. hey i really am not bothered about the amout of noise or the amount of power it draws . I just need performance and overclocking !
  4. the msi PE is the best overclocker but the gigabyte nips at its heels in overclocking and it cools better and in preformance well,3283-9.html it's kinda half and half but the gigabyte did win 2/1 over the msi card but just barely

    edit:although in gaming(crysis 2)the gigabyte card did better than the msi card every time
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