Which GPU is for me?

I'm looking to play current and upcoming titles, May get BF3, Skyrim...looking into the new COD game. I'm only using 1 Acer H243H 1080p 24 inch monitor and don't care to overpay. I would like to get a stable 60 fps on the highest settings with my current setup if possible. My personal preference is the Galaxy 670 right now.

I'm looking at
x2 Galaxy 660:

Galaxy 660ti:

Galaxy 670:

XFX 7950:

Sapphire 7970:
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  1. what is your setup
  2. Please list your complete systems specs and budget.
  3. Yeah, is very important to list your CPU, RAM, and PSU.

    Also your motherboard, although we can just assume you've already worked that out for yourself?

    And without a budget... well, just get the best and who cares about the wasted money? Probably not....
  4. I havent bought anything yet.

    Looking at an i5 3570k, ASRock z77 extreme 4, 750w PSU, 8 GB 1600 RAM

    If I go with a high end, I may have to switch to either an i3 3220 with a cheaper B75 motherboard or an AMD build (Maybe fx 6100 or the new AMD A10 5800k) and a corresponding motherboard.
  5. +1 @herr_koos
    btw That Psu's brand ?
  6. Total budget is undecided.

    I'm looking at an Antec Earthwatts 750.
  7. It's hard to recommend something without knowing how much your are willing to spend. There is no such thing as a "best GPU", only "best GPU for the price". Tom's has a monthly article on the subject, so maybe scan through it to get a better idea.

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