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Hello everyone. I am looking to upgrade my graphics card on my desktop system which is a Compaq Presario sr2125uk. Im thinking of a gentle upgrade to a radeon HD 6750. This card is a pcie 2.0. Is my motherboard compatable with this card or indeed any pcie 2.0 card, or do I have to go with a pcie x16 card? Thanks in advance for any help and advice!
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  1. yes pcie 2.0 is backwards compatible. make sure to pair your power supply to the graphics meaning if you dont have any pcie 6 pin power cables on the psu you have to pick a card that doesnt need additional power
  2. It looks like it would work fine, but I am pretty sure it only has 4.0 gbps speed, but that shoudn't be a problem for a 6000 series card. The 7000 would barely be bottlenecked by that.
  3. Being 6000 or 7000 is irrelevant, the fact that it is a low end card means it won't use the full pcie bandwidth. Even high end cards like the 680 and 7970 only have a 2-6% decrease when running in 1.0 x16 which is only like 5fps.

    If you are keeping the stock psu, it is only 300w so could only go with a 6670 or 7750. But you should not have an issue with pcie version.
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