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Which graphics card is best for this PC under 116 dollars ?

Hey there, I've the following P.C right now:
Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo @ 2.60Ghz
4.00 GB Ram
450w Power Supply

I'm thinking of upgrading to a new graphics card and my budget is fixed 6000 rupees. So, plz. can u tell me which can be the BEST OF ALL to run latest games on mid or high settings.. like Sapphire HD 6670 1GB DDR5

Thanks very much in advance. And please reply soon cuz my dad is coming home in half an hour and i have to tell him fast.. :D Thanks.. once again.. :))
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  1. The 6670 is good if you are on a super tight budget.

    Where are you buying? That would help me compare prices
  2. my budget is now 7000 rupees , i.e 135 dollars...I'm buying from the country India ... on the sites: or
  3. How about this. It should do better than the 6670.

    Hope this helps
  4. if i was you i would save up a bit more and get Sapphire HD7750 1GB DDR5 Rs 7869
  5. Not possible dude/// i want it now, cuz i have been using 7300gs 256mb with mw3, mw2, mw1, etc... for 6 years :(( I want something nice yaar... my budget is 7000
  6. how about the 6750? ^ I was also going to recommend a 7750 hehe. but the 6750 and 7750 are very close in performance.
  7. oh sorry I was looking at the DDR3 version on ebay lol... that card is 800r over budget
  8. unless you aren't bothered going 800 rupees ($15) over budget?

    here's the one I found >
  9. i agree a 6750 would be a good choice for that budget you should be able to run any game.
  10. what about the 5750? isn't it basically the same card as a 6750? apart from having HDMI 1.3 vs HDMI 1.4 on the 6750?
  11. Yeah, if your budget is a strict 7000r, then 6670, if you can stretch a little, then go with the 6750.
  12. price oof 6750 1gb ddr5 is more than 7000 :((
  13. not sure about this card

    The 5750 should be the same but the info on that card is a little vague.

    E.g Memory clock 1150mhz (4.6Gbps effective)... mistake? the reference clock is 2300mhz (4600mhz effective)... I know many GDDR5 are accidentally labeled as there input clocks which is a 1>2 ratio (1150>2300) and then effective is calculated with from DDR x2
  14. So tell me, which shall i buy under 7000 ( 135 dollars )... i have to order right now from interent... ..tnx
  15. Check out the guys feedback and see if you can find any previous sales of the card. His feedback is 100%... Good luck!
  16. You have got a 6pin power connector on your 450 watt PSU to connect the GPU?
  17. Well if you trust ebay and the buyer I'd personally get this card

    I checked it out and the HD-575X-ZMF3 seems to be upto spec. You may not get much of an overclocking headroom but this can play most games med-high settings.
    A reviewer on newegg said his temps are 30-50c which is good.
  18. Which shall i buy: HD 6670 1GB DDR5 or HD 5750 1GB DDR5

    I saw on youtube that 5750 can play all games on mid-high settings and 6670 doesn't do that well i think. I wanna play games like: black ops, arkham city, gta 4, future soldier, metro 2033, crysis 2, ALAN WAKE (my fav :) ) max payne 3 ( my bro's fav :P )

    I have motherboard P5KPL AM/PS of asus
  19. Also, these are the specs of HD6670 1GB DDR5:
    Output ::1 x Dual-Link DVI, 1 x HDMI (with 3D), 1 x DisplayPort, DisplayPort 1.2
    GPU :: 800 MHz Core Clock, 40 nm Chip, 480 x Stream Processors
    Memory :: 1024 MB Size, 128 -bit GDDR5, 4000 MHz Effective
    Dimension :: 180(L)x130(W)x50(H) mm Size

    These are the specs of HD 5750 1GB DDR5:

    Core Clock :: 700MHz
    Stream Processors :: 720 Stream Processors

    Effective Memory Clock :: 1150MHz (4.6Gbps)
    Memory Size :: 1GB
    Memory Interface :: 128-bit
    Memory Type ::GDDR5

    DirectX ::DirectX 11
    OpenGL :: OpenGL 3.2

    which one do u think is best? I will order it by tomorrow morning, so please tell me which is suitable for my needs
  20. The 5750 is much better than a 6670. I'd wager that's what you'll be wanting. (Also I think it's clever they priced the 5750 at 5750)
  21. Good things come to those who wait

    Perhaps I don't fully understand your situation, but if you have run 6 years on a crappy card, why not save up a little extra to get the most value from your money. A 7750 or a 6750 will perform quite a bit better than a 6670 for not very much more money; if you can save up the extra without going nuts, it's probably in your best interest.
  22. i think buying this card is good, what say ? :

    Thanks 4 ur help... TC// if there is better suggestion for under 6000 rupees, please post it fast!
  23. That's a pretty good deal, I've bought oof ebay in the past for hardware (in the UK) and personally I've never had a problem.

    Here is another site that I commonly use to get a quick reference of graphics cards

    the GPU is actually around the same performance as my GTS 450 (apart from my 140mhz core overclock but the memory is a little faster then my GTS 450s)
    My GTS450 can handle allot of the stuff I do (Skyrim on ultra at 40-60fps, Crysis at 30-40fps highest detail.. no AA, Guild wars 2 highest settings = 30-50fps)
    If the HD 5750 performs anywhere near my GTS 450 I think you'll be happy (Note that I have an intel quad core i5 2400 and 8gb of 1600mhz memory)

    Hope this helps.
  24. Nice find. I would get that for the price and be done.
  25. i saw that HD 5750 1gb ddr5 is pciex 2.1 x16 while my motherboard ASUS P5KPL AM/PS is pcie x16. Will the HD 5750 work in my pc? also, it said it requires 6 Pin connector. will it work without it? and what is its price? i hope it is not very high priced :( please reply soon thanks
  26. My psu has 1 4pin cable coming out.. can i convert it into 6 pin and play games? :D
  27. No, or if you did convert it, it may not be able to regulate and supply correctly. I would get a new PSU or choose a card that needs only 4 pin.
  28. Those are good options, however, I am not sure those prices are available where the card is being bought and shipping may increase that price. Also, some of those are above $116 (7000r). What do you think meghrajbaria?
  29. If I was you I'd save up a little more money and get the 7750 since you don't have a 6pin connector... you won't regret it.

    I found the 7750 on ebay india for 7800r, Just wait and save.
    Good things come to thoughs with patience :D.
  30. Not sure about your economic situation but 800r ($15) isn't much on top of 7000r ($115) and it will give you a huge performance boost compaired to the next option down.
  31. Good news, i upgraded my pc to:
    AMD BULLDOZER F4100 3.60Ghz
    8 GIGS OF RAM 1600Mhz DDR3
    550w PSU Iball ( maybe i will get the coolermaster on )

    It does have a 6+2pin connector. So, which graphics card is good for me now ?
  32. Best answer
    I can't tell if you already bought your components or not (I'm going to assume you didn't, since it sounds like you haven't settled on a PSU)

    Coolermaster isn't really a good PSU maker; IBall is unknown to me, I would expect it to also be pretty bad, but it maybe just an international brand. If you can get seasonic, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, or XFX, those are all good brands. (Refer to this list or individual PSU reviews before you buy other brands)

    A good 550W will run any single graphics card, so it's up to your budget (though I can't say for sure if you are getting a good PSU). Nvidia's 670 is a good high end card, otherwise I think AMD holds the better midrange gaming cards this gen (7850, 7870, 7950), I haven't checked out the 550ti yet though (edit: A quick look at toms benches puts a bit ahead of the 7770, for a bit more, so it's a good buy between the 7770 and 7850 here in the states). Also, you could refer to this for guidance:,3107-4.html

    As far as your choice in CPU, if you mostly just game, you would be better served with an i3/i5/Phenom2 depending on your budget. The AMD FX chips aren't that great, Phenom2 965BE is a good budget CPU for AMD, otherwise go intel (don't look at i7 for gaming).
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