What interface is this soundcard? URGENT PLEASE

This: http://images.esellerpro.com/2634/I/893/24193a.png

Xonar is about to time out on a bidding site and i need to know that its like 8x or something, i dont have any spare 16x slots D:

(its under gpus cus you guys know your inferfaces)
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  1. HUH? 8X??

    It's pci........
  2. sound cards dont use 16x. its probably 1x

    edit: or not even pci-e at all lol
  3. its pci, look at the notches. pcie only has one. pci has two
  4. so it would fit into the white slots like on this mobo?


    I just bought it, it was going for £15 for a Xonar 7.1 card, not bad? XD
  5. yessir it will fit!
  6. also after installing it in go to bios and disable your integrated sound card. go to windows and install the drivers from manufacturer's webside
  7. Thanks a lot mate, huge help, I didn't know about installing it either.
  8. technically you dont need to disable the onboard sound. you can choose which sound device you want to use in windows, can even switch on the fly
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