ATI Graphic card not being recognized (weirdly)

I own an HP pavilion dv6-6180, it has an AMD Radeon HD 6770M and lately it has been giving me quite the headaches.
I would often turn it on and find its resolution set to 800x600, due to not being able to identify the main videocard (due to have an i3 cpu, it has a secondary, weaker card)
Now, normally a reboot would fix it, but after awhile I got BSODed while playing a mere LoL game.

After sending it to RMA and no issue found, after some troubleshooting done by myself I got to the following conclusions:
-If I turn my laptop on without battery and (obviously) plugged in, it won't recognize the AMD card (and now not even a reboot fixes it);
-If I turn my laptop on with the battery and plugged in, it won't recognize the AMD card aswell
-If I turn my laptop on with the battery and unplugged, it recognizes the AMD card and seems to work fine.

I tried plugging in the cord after already on, it continued to recognize the AMD card, but I didn't have the chance to stress test it with any application (LoL works for me as a stress app)

Now, I find all of this odd, and would appreciate any input on the matter.

Thanks for reading
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  1. Have You Tried Updating The Drivers?
  2. Yes, no luck.
  3. Have you maybe a silly question deleated old driver from device manager and deleted old driver software
  4. Have you checked bios to see if there is an option to disable on-cpu graphics? Or an option to always enable 6770M?

    Don't these new laptops have switching graphics? Meaning it uses the cpu-graphics until you do something that requires 3d, then it switches to the video card? Have you read your manual?
  5. I believe there were 'issues' with early Sandy Bridge mobiles not being able to shut down the iGPU on the chip.

    Not sure if this is a case of that ... or not.
  6. Thanks for the input so far;
    -Yes, the laptop has a "switch graphics card " option that is not even showing in either of the 2 top cases;
    -In those cases, BIOS says I have no AMD card, and drivers complain that they are there for no reason

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