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Novice internet question

Are there after market broadband modems you can buy like for comcast/xnfinity except without having to get it from the provider and paying extra? I have a cable line in my room obviously so all I would need is a splitter, but I cannot for the life of me find a broadband modem for like comcast/xfinity they're all for dial up. I wanted to try to run a 200ft cat 6 ethernet cable from my downstairs into my attic and down to my room through the walls, but I was told its impossible and or very hard. I'm currently using wireless but its slow, and I drop a lot. I was also wondering router brand effects speed. I have a D-Link and its probably really cheap tbh I didn't buy it.
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    Get a LinkSys CM100 cable modem, you'll love it. They have both USB and Ethernet connectors.

    or HERE

    or Google LinkSys CM-100 and look around. It's one of the cheapest cable modems you'll find right now and they truly work great. They're just small and ugly.

    Plug it in and fill in the cable modem setup page or call your cable provider to have the modem's MAC number entered into their system so it will work.

  2. I've had my motorola cable mode for 8+ years now and it still runs great. When I first bought it for $60 time warner was charging a $5/month lease fee for their modems. Mine paid itself off in the first year.
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  4. Thank you , both of you for your answers. Now I'd like a second opinion on this. I went to the actual comcast/xfinity building to pay this months bill, because they charge for doing it over the phone. I was talking to the women at the and she said that if I want a second modem I have to pay for a whole nother internet service basically. Then I talked to a man who works for comcast over the phone, and told him my plan, that I wanted to buy an after market modem and hook it up. He said I wouldn't have to pay extra unless I bought it from them.

    Which is right do you think? I'm guessing the women behind doesn't know what she's talking about but before I buy anything I'd really like a second opinion. Thanks
  5. Ok, I think I just answered my own question, but no because you're not renting the modem correct?
  6. Delengowski said:
    Ok, I think I just answered my own question, but no because you're not renting the modem correct?

    The woman was talking about you getting another IP feed for your place (and another modem too). They'll do that to people who don't know what a router is and charge them full price for 2 services for 2 computers to have their Internet. You'll be returning their modem and use your own. :sol:

    BTW, Thanks for the vote. :)
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