External build with HDMI cables?

I was just studying up with the NewEgg tutorial and he uses a HDMI cable instead of VGA or DVI? What's the difference and does a new monitor come with HDMI, VGA, or DVI? Also does the mini speaker he uses to hear the beeps come with the Motherboard?
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  1. Some monitors come with HDMI and DVI, some with VGA and DVI a.s.o.
    You'll have to buy a case speaker. It's good for troubleshooting when the PC doesn't POST.
  2. HDMI works exactly the same way DVI does, but it can't carry as large a resolution picture, and it can carry sound.

    DVI carries JUST the picture, but it can be of better quality if needed, and some types can carry a hundred twenty frames a second instead of just sixty.

    VGA also carries just a picture, but isn't nearly as good quality.

    It depends on the monitor - mine has two HDMI, one dual-link DVI, and one VGA.
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