Problem with GTX680 and 3 surround + 1 accessory set-up


Im having trouble with this set-up......when haveing just 3 24 inch monitors set up, it works just fine, and surround setsup nicely with no problem.
As soon as i plug my TV in as a 4th accessory monitor, then the surround breaks, and going to set it up again it wants to constantly include the TV in the surround set-up.

I always get the message "this display willl not be used" for the centre one for the surround...and i cannot get it to be "included".

I have tried all combinations for plugging in but none seem to work, all the monitors are samsung monitors, with HDMI inputs, so i use a range of adapters to make sure everything inputs to HDMI, and the TV is also plugged in HDMI.

According to NVidia website, as long as all inputs are digital (it is), same resolution and refresh rate (yep), then all should be good.
So i dont know why when the 4th display is plugged in it wants to disable the centre monitor.

TV: display port - HDMI
Right monitor: DVI - HDMI
Centre: DVI - HDMI

Really annoying me now!
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  1. What is the screen size of the tv?. More than possible the issue is when control panel detects the tv it true to set that as your primary display setup.
  2. Its 3x 24 inch monitors, and the TV is a 32inch TV.

    All 1920x1080p.

    Its confusing me a bit, as ive seen so many artticles that have a similar set-up to mine where there having no issues :fou:
  3. Hmmm I have a 670GTX it the same kind of setup. When i added the 4th an apple 24 inch screen it did not show up at first. I had to open the nvidia control panel and click the check box next to the 4th monitor. Go in there make sure all ar checked then run the surround setup and check the theree monitors you want to include in the surround and then place theme where you want then in the little picture box. I also noticed if I break the 3 screen surround it turns off the 4th monitor and I have to go in and hit the check box again to get the 4th screen to turn on again.. Strange stuff..

  4. Try what thently said, and if the issue continues. We'll look deeper into the issue
  5. Yes....if this is the "set-up multiple displays" menu, then yes all checked.

    When surround is not active, all 4 monitors work fine, and all in a row, but when i go to activate surround, then the central monitor to my "selected 3" monitors is not allowed to be used...with the constant "display will not be used" message.
    I cannot un-check or check any boxes...its just a statement with no options.

    If i unplug the TV, and set-up the surround, then it works fine and sets up correctly.....with the correct monitors, so i know its not a problem with the monitor as its capable and i have run it. Its just annoying to have to reach around and manually unplug the TV everytime i want to do it, expecially when i know the card is capable of it.

    Of course if surround is active, and i then plug the TV in, then it breaks the surround, and when attempting to set it up again then i get the same "will not be used" on the monitor i just had it working with.....i cannot understand it.
  6. Yea i know what your gonna say but have you tryed with anything other than a TV at the 4th peripheral monitor? I know i know you think its possible to run the TV as a peripheral... but the 3+1 was designed for 3 monitors and a 4th "Monitor" of its class size. I don't think NVIDIA said anything about 3 monitors and a Huge ass tv for a peripheral
  7. Okkkk i get you.
    Unfortunately i dont have a fourth monitor to test, i just assumed that because the TV works as a monitor (before i got the 2 extra monitors, i was using it as a big monitor), and because it has a generic HDMI connection, i assumed there would be no issue.
  8. ok try this, and I'm not saying it will work. But do this. Take the tv and put it in the center as though it will act as your center main display. Then put two monitors on each side. Then make sure they work in surround first then add the 4th monitor as peripheral
  9. Most likely this will not work but try it and see. I would suggest maybe putting the TV on a diffrent connector on the card. SO get like a DVI to HDMI and plug the tv in there and then and hdmi to dvi and flip flop the screen with the tv. I use DVI/DVI/DP for surround like you are doing with no issue and the hdmi is converted into a dvi and then a converter box to an apple cinema screen. I know messy but it all works.

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