ATI HD 5670 OR HD 6570

thinking to buy graphics card hd 5670 or hd 6570 from this which is better card and these are in my budget range
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  1. 5670 is better.
    btw What is your budget ?
    And other system specs ?
    We will be able to help better with all this info
  2. thanks for the reply

    my budget is 4500rps

    system spec is

    intel board dg965ms
    pentium d 3.2ghz processor
    4 gb ram 800 mhz speed
  3. 4500 rps is around 85 dollars U.S. and for that much you could actually get a 6670. I don't know the price of a 6670 in India or the availability but it's something you might want to check into.
  4. Yeah the best you can get for 4.5k is 6670.
    btw Which power supply do you have ?
  5. power supply is upto 450watts
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