Best gpu possuble for $140

What is the best possible card I can get for 140 dollars?

My specs are: phenom 2 x4 965 be, antec 450w power supply, 8gb ram, 1080p monitor
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  2. Of the cards listed what would you buy with a 450w PSU in use?
  3. Personally I would go with the 7770. It offers up the best power/watt/price performance in this area. On a 1080p setup you may need to lower some settings, but it should run most things just fine.
  4. +1 Bolivious ^.^
    The GTX 650 is comparable to the Radeon 7750. The 7770 is faster.
  5. Same, the 7770.
  6. What would be the next card one step up from the 7770?
  7. 6850
    Performs better with a little more power consumption
  8. Would you say a 450w PSU wouldn't suffice for that card?
  9. What's your PSU model number? If it has decent amps on your 12v rail, it would be ok, but without that information its hard to say.
  10. Antec vp450
  11. I believe it makes 18 amps on the 12v rail.
  12. When trying to push things to the limit, that's a tricky PSU to work around because it is a split rail design - meaning that depending on construction, it either has to have the load balanced between the two rails or it's a paired design and balancing isn't as important. 36 amps is fairly strong for a PSU in this wattage range though. Maybe someone with this PSU or even Antec's CS line could comment on the rail design or personal experience. If it's a paired rail design, then 36 amps of total power will suffice for something like what you're looking for in video card choice, but I wouldn't go much past the 6850 as that will most likely push it to the limit regardless.
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