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  1. Ugh, Your lucky I have patience with people.

    Fill out the form, then resubmit.

    oh, and the PSU combo is unnecessary, get a 300-400w psu, then you can have money for the GPU.
    If this is an extreme budget build, get a cheaper case, yes, it can get cheaper, especially with cooler master, (Zalman Cases are a no no anyway)
  2. Much as I love opening 10 tabs at once, it is quite annoying. Just post the name of the component, chances are quite high we will know what it is.

    Yep, fill out the form.
  3. That PSU is not good. The FX-4300 is better than the 4170, and the 965 is pretty comparable. And yes I agree that the form should be filled out - at least knowing the budget will help to suggest parts.
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