Problem with HD 5970 and anti-aliasing

Hello, first thread started/question asked, so fingers crossed :)

Simply put, in any game I play all the 'edges of objects,' (straight lines) seem jagged, and when I move my character they move like a chainsaw :o

It's as if the anti-aliasing isn't just disabled, but creating uber-aliasing!

This happens regardless of the CCC AA options and type, and regardless of in-game settings. I understand that some games don't support AA, but this happens on every game I play. It's as if my computer can't display straight lines!

I've tried a different monitor and DVI cable and Ive moved my graphics card to different PCIe slots. I have two HD 5970s, but I only use one due to them overheating when used together (the PCIe slots are too close together in my tower for the top card to 'breath' properly) and the same issue is present on both cards.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, searched for and deleted any Nvidea drivers off my system and I've deleted any programs (such as MSI Afterburner) that I thought could be disagreeing with CCC, but all to no avail.

Does anyone have any idea whats happening, or do I just sound like a mentalist? :pt1cable:

Any help at all would be massively appreciated as this problem makes all games hideous to play, as every time I look around or move the whole screen starts dancing, and it has plagued me for a few months now.

I have described my system setup in my profile settings, but as I'm new I'm not sure if that will be shown underneath this post. If not, just say and I'll list it.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: Here's my system config...

Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64bit
Intel Core i7 980x @ 4.1 Ghz
12 GB Corsair Vengeance
AMD HD 5970
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  1. I wish I could find people who have this problem. I know that I've read threads in the past that discuss similar problems, but I've never seen a solution.

    It's such a massive problem as it renders all games unplayable. The FPS in all affected games are always great, but the display corruption is so massively distracting.
  2. which games are you talking about?
  3. I also made the mistake of buying a Radeon (same one as you infact) and my anti-aliasing is glitchy, but in a different way. For me, all the lines become ultra blurred, like a console FMV. If I disable AA, it's fine, except I don't have AA! So it's either pixellated diagonals or blur. Only modern games, happened in Star Wars Force Unleashed at first, now Bulletstorm, Borderlands 2, I think others also.

    Just curious - is there only a single slot between the two PCI Express slots you were installing the Radeons into? So the fan of the top one was trying to draw air in directly off the top of the lower card? I was planning to get dual 5970s too and that was the reason I didn't end up getting a second one - didn't occur to me when I bought the motherboard that only one slot separating my two PCIes wasn't enough.

    Nice way to justify use of the crazy eye smiley by the way ;-)
  4. Try Ati Tray Tools, it can tweak the card with its every function.
    You can even force FXAA or 16x AA with that utility.

    Try messing around with the settings under the AA section...
    If you cannot find a solution, you can always enable FXAA and keep it on always.

    -Hope it helps! :)
  5. Now then.

    I thought I'd replied on my phone, but it mustn't have sent.

    Yeah, I get in Borderlands 2, Crysis 2, War of the Roses, Worms and even oldies like the Unreal series. It's massively frustrating.

    I just had my MOBO replaced as it was making a few weird noises when under load, so I figured maybe there was a problem with the PCIe slots, but it hasn't helped at all.
    I think I'm just going to have to wipe my entire PC and reinstall. I've replaced everything but the HDD's, but still no joy. I must have installed something somewhere along the lines that's messing with my graphics or the drivers or something.

    My motherboard has three PCIe slots but only the top two are x16, the bottom is x8. I did buy an extra long Crossfire X cable so I could put a card in slot one and slot three, but then I learned about the bottom slots speed and didn't bother. When I put the two cards in slot one and two the top card is drawing air from the bottom card which is only a few mm's underneath, so it gets too hot. It's a bit daft really.

    Thanks for the help.

    P.S, I was pleased with my use of the crazy eyed lad :sol:
  6. Now then :hello:

    Thanks, but I've tried every configuration possible to no avail. I never had to mess around with my configs too much before, so I guess that a program that I have installed at some point is conflicting with something somewhere.

    I shall have to think about reinstalling windows and wiping my HDD's :cry:

    Thanks for the suggestion though mate :)

  7. Now then it's not all bad - it's nice to have a fresh install and remove that unwanted crap. Whenever I right click anywhere in most applications (not Chrome though for some reason) I have a thick grey underline on the final menu item until I mouseover it - similar kind of thing I think, just something installed along the way has messed it up. Could even be something totally legit like Java RE or something. A fresh install will clear out any of that kind of stuff (until you reinstall whatever it was of course :-)). Just backup documents and saved games etc first obviously.
  8. It's an old post but I have the same problem, exactly like you. It drives me crazy, I made a new rig and the problem persisted with everything different save for a HDD and I used the same Windows 7 ultimate 64. I had the same thought as if the computer can't draw straight lines. i tried everything, forcing every type of AA, diff. drivers, wiping everything, nothing works. It ruins some games that have a lot of straight lines (urban settings for examples, X3 is suffering a lot from this too). It happened all of a sudden on my old rig after playing Spec Ops The Line and then all games were screwed. It was an old rig so I bought a new one, I kept my HDD and used the same build of windows 7 64 ultimate.

    I scoured the net and found a few posts of people that have seemingly the same problem. One thing they all had in common was Windows 7 64 but if there was a problem in the OS a lot more people would have had it. I don't know, it drives me crazy. Can the HDD be the source of the problem (transfer rate, wathever) or a virus (would be a weird game ruining virus). Seriuously it's maddening.
  9. Same exact problem here, AMD HD 7850 and with my laptop that uses the HD 6770. In talks with people from AMD to try to get a solution.
  10. Katrillion63 said:
    Same exact problem here, AMD HD 7850 and with my laptop that uses the HD 6770. In talks with people from AMD to try to get a solution.

    let us know if you find anything, I just tried Crysis 3 and I almost cried the jagged, shimmering chainsawing lines are awful, I have a excellent rig and I can't play because games look awful, especially when in an environment with a lot of straight lines (urban settings, buildings, etc.)

    I think it's a win 7 64 problem, because i have read people complaining about the same problem with GeForce cards. This is crazy seriously, can't get a game to look decent, shaders, everything looks and runs great but with shimmering edges on everything, it's downright unplayable.
  11. Hi, i know this is an old thread but pls, did someone able to fix this? what could be causing this issue? its happening to me,
    i`m also running win 7 64 bit
    exactly like this ,lot worse on open world games like Twar Series,skyrim ,ACreed ,MMOrpgs, etc

    Asus z87-a
    Crucial 8gb RAM
    Thermaltake PSU 650w
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