$460 budget on expensive parts

I was thinking for maybe 2 weeks I should get the 3770k for my 7950 3GB, but then realized when I saw benchmarks on High settings with linustechtips the 3770k beat the 3570k by 7 fps, and thats at high settings and the fps was like 133-140 difference, which is nothing since I play 60FPS.

Anyways, I needed a CPU keyboard/mouse and a screen, this is what I picked out, and I consider it to be good since I can OC my 3570k with that cooler really nice.

Also a couple of questions:

Here is the build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pr27

Is the mouse/keyboard/whole thing any good?

This is gonna be used with 16GB ram and 7950 3gb which I already have

Also will this flip *** on a H61DGMS? I already bought that too.

ALSOOOo who will be the bottleneck in games like bf3 and minecraft, the CPU or the GPU here?

PS: Will a 600W psu be good? I already bought that too.
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  1. Looks good, I would just change out the keyboard for this one, it's $20 more, but it's mechanical. Here the link: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/razer-keyboard-rz0300390100r3u1
  2. I saw the non-mechanical keyboard version and it looked really sheety, sorry but I just hate its style and i can't spent any more D:
  3. Get the i5 - linus was doing everything he could to give the i7 an advantage by bottlenecking it. In a computer like that you'd see literally no difference.

    Just scrap the keyboard. There are three types of keyboards: normal, serviceable ones, "Gaming" keyboards that are the exact same but with a price hitch, and mechanical keyboards.

    In bf3 multiplayer, the CPU will be the bottleneck, but nothing can fix that.

    If you haven't bought the RAM yet, even 8GB is overkill. Get a pair of faster 4GB sticks over slower 16GB total.

    What is a H61DGMS? I couldn't find it anywhere. Is it a part number?

    What brand is the power supply? 600w is plenty, but if it's not a good brand, it's not outputting 600w.
  4. H61m DGS my bad, can the h61m dgs overclock? and the ram has been bought, and its Patriot Viper Memory that looks amazing and works great.
  5. Poor motherboard choice. You cannot overclock at all. Pointless with a K processor.
  6. Oh? Well thanks for letting me know, I won't buy the cooler thingy.


    Is the new keyboard I`m considering, but I like both of them so much.
  7. Ok well I decided *** the i5 since I can't OC that mobo, I`ll get the 3770k.

    Ooh, I found a place where I can get a 3770k new and untouched for 240, I`l buy that and just knock the cooler+i5 out, and use it at stock, perfecto!
  8. Get the 3770, not the 3770K, its what I got for my non OC setup, and its $30 or so cheaper. For the cooler, I still would recommend something like the Hyper 212+ EVO, simply because the less heat, the better. For the keyboard, it really is up to you, what switches do you like:

  9. I would but the matter of fact is I am buying this because where I`m buying my CPU from there is no difference between 3770 and 3770k price, also the 3770k i have my eyes on right now is a mere $240.

    Also I see no point in getting another fan :P if I do I can't afford even the razer keyboard/mouse I`m buying atm, much less get a mechanical keyboard, and the cheapest ones on pcpartpicker are $10 above budget and ugly as poo :P

    Lol sorry to block everything you just said but I`m just saying, I`m best off with my current choice, maybe next year or when I get my next youtube paycheck I`ll upgrade the mobo to something nicer, other then that the build is pretty damn future-proof.
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