Is this power supply enough to The geforce 450 GTS

I want to buy a new videocard but I'm not sure if
My power supply can run it here is my power supply
and I have an AMD Athlon X2 240
Board MSI k9n6pgm2v
So I need to know if this power supply can run it
Thank you so much oh and in the 450 gts box says it needs minimun 400 W mine is 550W sorry for my crappy English Tho. :)
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  1. I dont think you are going to have power problems.

    I think you are going to have problems running high end games. I think that problem will come from the CPU.

    What are you planning to do with this computer?
  2. Hi, I dont want to run the games on High just medium.
    I have a 8800 GTS but is displaying artefacts so I want to chance it because of that, I just want to run games like Team Fosrtress 2; left 4 dead 2, Battlefield 3, Skyrim im med graphics that's why I want the card for. and thanks for the reply.
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    i would go for it.
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