I want a prebuilt gaming computer that can play minecraft and skyrim on high setting (if not its cool tell me)
and I want it to play battlefield on high settings (not ultra just high)
REMEMBER I WANNA SEE PREBUILT COMPUTERS (i have seen way too much people saying build a computer)
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  1. Please don't use your caps lock that much.
    You won't be able to play battlefield on high settings, not multiplayer at least.

    Just curious, why do you want a prebuilt so badly? You get a way better computer by doing it yourself, and it's easy (we're talking easy like LEGOs) - takes perhaps 2 hours, if you study a youtube video on how to do it first.

    That being said, your best bet is likely to buy a lower-end computer and a decent graphics card, and put the graphics card in it. Would that be something you're comfortable with?
  2. go check out i just got a pc from them and it rocks. works great out of the box with water cooling core i5 and a gtx 660 ti. under 1k after rebates. just check them out and built what you want.t
  3. You should be able to put together a decent rig on cyberpower for $1000.

    Here's on for $913 excluding shipping

    gtx 660 ti
    8GB RAM
    120GB SSD
    1TB 7200 RPM
    700W psu
    Windows 7
    Free Borderlands 2

    You would probably be able to move up to z77 and a 3570K on that config and still be under $1000

    Cyberpower has gtx 660 Ti for $190 this weekend, so that's a great deal you should jump on. This rig would play any of those games on ultra at 1080p.
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