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What setting effects the light glare at night. The runway lights are to bright and has a bad glare.
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  1. This is the complicated portion of adding glare, you get it as if someone is shining a light at you, this is not an issue in real life. I would dim the glare, reduce the brightness of runway lights, or turn off the glare altogether.

    Have you tried x-plane? That is what I fly.
  2. I would reccommend a weather/texture add-on like Activesky 2012 which allows you to adjust ALL aspects of your scenery including runway lights. It will impact your system a bit though so you need to have a good CPU w/overclock and a decent video card.

    Check out this thread for more info:

    You might want to try that before buying anything to see if it works for you. Good luck!
  3. The light sources used in the airports should have a high profitability, reliability and service life at the relatively low cost for installation.
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