IS MSI Cyclone 6850 a reference PCB?

I'm looking to get a new cooler for my 6850, and I've heard people having problems installing aftermarket coolers on non reference PCBs.

Well I've compared the MSI Cyclone 6850 PCB and a reference pcb, and the only difference I can tell is the position of the 6 pin power input, the layout of the two are basically the same.

Does this mean I will have no problems installing my new cooler, a Gelid Solutions Icy Vision. Reference 6850 are supported by this cooler.

Here are some pics of the reference pcb and my pcb.
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  1. I don't think msi makes reference cards. But does it honestly matter?
  2. Sometimes it does. A PCB can have a completely different layout than its reference versions, and all aftermarket coolers are designed for the reference PCB, which obviously can cause problems if you're trying to install an aftermarket cooler on a pcb very different from the reference version
  3. Oh, I didn't notice the whole reason, nvm.
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