Wireless PCI card slows down computer... MOBO issue?

I've had this problem for a few months now.

Often (almost always) , when i am connected to wifi via my linksys wireless n PCI e card, speeds are suuuuper slow, and it even causes my computer speeds to slow down (mouse tweaks and glitches, loading bars will stop and start spinning.. etc. almost like low RAM problem?).

When i disconnect from wifi, the slow computer problem goes away.

I have replaced the wifi card since i thought that was the problem. Although the problem came back.

I am currently using a USB wireless N adapter, and i have one bar connectivity, and it runs 100x faster than my PCI card.

OH AND ALSO: a few times i have been using m,y desktop with super slow speeds on the PCI card, and i connect on my PS3 or laptop and open a web page.
SOMETIMES it will affect something, and my desktop will start running with network speeds again. It's almost like the other devices re-set something in the router?

So, is this a motherboard issue? I have rolled back drivers, re-installed, etc.

Running windows 7 ultimate..
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. edit: should i try rearranging things in my case and use a different PCI slot?
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