How to download vedio from flashdriver no media storage

i got dell vostro 1510 my usb was working now it turn into storage divice how to download vedio to laptop i am having window 7 ultimate operating system
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  1. I know you are trying to explain the issue but it is hard to understand. USB stick is what I assume you mean? and it would be a storage device what do you mean by it turned into a storage device?

  2. Hey.

    Dell Vostro 1510
    USB has turned into a mass storage device
    Video Driver

    (just thinking out loud)

    As for your USB, unless it had an ISO or "Ready Boost", chances are it was always a mass storage device.
  3. I concur I didn't want to put to much miscellanies info in here as we obviously have a language barrier. I hope the OP can clarify his situation a little bit.

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