Is this enough

ok ive been upgrading my system over the past year and this is my specs

windows 7
16 gigs ram
500 gig hard drive
AMD 7950 by MSI
AMD FX Eight core processor 3.60 GHz
and this mother board
and a 600 watt power supply
i want to know if this power supply is enough of if i need a 700 watt or not
also i have this case
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  1. 600W should be sufficient enough, but just to leave some headroom, I'd suggest getting the 700W.
  2. ok thanks i just wanted to know cause i got a new fan for the side of my case and it seems to make the other fans a little slower
  3. That's odd, it's probably just you though. I don't think fans have the ability to slow other fans in the system down by themselves.
  4. thats what i thought youre probably right also is there anythis i can get to put in front of the fan on the side of my pc case it sucks in alot of dust
  5. You could grab a filter for your fan, though you'll have to clean it out every now and then. I usually clean my filters every week.
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