Graphic card upgrade for dell xps studio 435mt 9000


This is my first time using this forum, and I have tried reading some on my own, but it hasn't seemed to help me. I have a dell xps studio, i7, 12 gb ram (upgraded), and some 4xxx series radeon card. The power supply is 475.

I would like to stay in the radeon group, and was curious what could I get in my computer without upgrading the power supply. I am not sure of the connectors inside, but it is whatever came stock when I purchased the computer.

Any suggestions or advise?

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  1. 7770 or 7850, for cards from this years series have really low power consumption
  2. Thanks for your response! Will both of those cards be compatible with the connections from my cpu?
  3. What do you mean connections from you cpu? As long as you have a pice 2.0 slot and an extra 6-pin for your psu, it will work fine.
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