550 Ti or 5770 ? Which one is better?

Which one would you choose between the GTX 550 Ti and 5770? What would be the reason?
I can get models;
550 Ti:
550 Ti:


I can get all the products at the same price. I'm really undecided.
Thank you in advance for your help
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  1. The Radeon equivalent of the 550 TI is the 7750. So the 550 Ti is better but only by a little.
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    they all perform pretty much the same. The 6770 is just a re branded 5770.

  3. Yes, + 7750 model is the same price

    Really hard to decide. I guess looks can be selected 550 Ti for PhysX.Do you think?
  4. 550ti is usually too weak to do physx and run the game well. There really isn't much difference. The 7750 might be the better buy since it offer lower power consumption.

    The numbers I posted above has the old release drivers for the 7750 and it should be a few % faster with the new drivers.
  5. All pretty much the same, apparently..

    Well, then cooling, brand, model, Which is the best?
    Whether you which one would you choose? (all at the same price)
  6. If they perform the same and are the same price, look for some other metric. Bundle? Warranty? Cooler? One of them hopefully stands out in some other way.
  7. What are your thoughts? Waiting for your help :)
  8. Do you play any of the PhysX games?

    If all of those are the same price and you play PhysX games, then the M2D 550TI. Else get the 5770 Hawk. If one of those is cheaper then get that one.
  9. Yes, I play PhysX games :) I think I'm gonna get 550 ti

    MD1GD5 (the blue one) 900/4000 mhz
    M2D1GD5 900/4000 mhz
    Which is better? almost the same :/
  10. Are you sure you do? (Crysis doesn't use PhysX.)

    When I looked the M2D is 900/4100. Overall the extra 100MHz won't equal anything, but if the same price why buy the "slower" card?
  11. 5770 or 7750? Plus, the 550 Ti is better than these 2.
  12. ? Might want to check the chart that was already posted. 7750 is a bit behind while the 5770 and 550TI are 1% apart. That's equal in my book.
  13. Thanks to everyone

    For the same price MSI 550 TI Cyclone II found and bought. I think this is better than all, a very good overclocking :D

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