How does my build look

I want to see what everyone thinks of my build and if it is compatible before I buy everything. I'm new to building but I have been doing tons of research and can't wait to get started. This is about all I can spend on the parts

Already owned: I bought both of these alrdy bc I got a great deal on them
Case- rosewill challenger u3
Psu-corsair cxv2 600 W

Thinking about purchasing:

Mobo- z77 extre4

Gpu- xfx 7870

Storage- wd blue 500gb. Is this enough storage..Im debating whether to get a 1tb instead but money is tight

Ram- g skill rips 8 gb total

drive- A 17 dollar one.. Idk a Samsung,Sony, or lg. any recommendations? They are probably all the same anyways

CPU- intel i5 3570k

Yes, I am planning on overclocking eventually but not right away. I will purchase an after market CPU cooler when I do. How does this build look?
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  1. Anyone know what the deal is with the 7870 crashes? I have read alot about ppl getting black screens and I am debating whether to get this card. Here is a thread about the issues

    Any suggestions for another card in the same price range
  2. Thats mostly Sapphire overclocked card crash.

    I think that the driver was 12.4 before they official supported the HD 7XXX series. (confirm?) The current driver is Catalyst 12.11, which brings massive performance gains to HD 7XXX series and supports. Anyways, that problems seems to be less and less with every driver update now.
  3. Oh, well I heard it was a defect that could be on any of them since it was amd issue. Does anybody know if they have this straightened out cause IDE hate to order a defected card (they say it is a hardware problem not driver issues for the defected ones so you are screwed if u are unlucky and get one). Anyways, does the rest of my build look good? Any suggestions?
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