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I'm working on finalizing my first gaming build since I will be getting paid soon and will have enough money to buy the parts I think I want. I would just like some help in deciding if these are the best parts I can go with to stay as close as possible to my $600 budget.
*Note: I am going to be focusing on playing SC2, D3, WoW, GW2 and maybe Skyrim and some AC3. I do not need to play to maxed out settings, but I would like the games to look nice ( at least nicer than console graphics).

My main questions are: Can I play the aforementioned games at decent settings, and is the i3 3220 a good enough CPU? I'm not sure if I should just wait and get an i5-3450 since I read that games are more heavily dependent on your GPU. I also read that the i3 3220 was pretty solid for budget gaming builds.
Here's my build so far:


8GB (2 x 4GB)

-Video Card
GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2GB

Intel Core i3-3220

Mid-Tower Case Includes 3 Fans

-Power Supply
SeaSonic G Series 550W

-Hard Drive
Seagate 1TB

CD / DVD Drive

Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Honestly, you could do MUCH better. For a gaming system, you want a better GPU, not a better CPU. THe i5 3450 is sweet but unnecessary and you can do better on the GPU.

    Check out my $650 build here:
    Total is only $620

    Hear me out, now although it is the FX-6300, Piledriver is much better and the FX-6300 in mult-thread and normal use as well as overclocking than the i3 3220. Plus the total cost at the end is near your i3 3220 build but you get a better PGU and CPU.

    BF3 and Borderlands 2 Benchmarks:

    As you can see, the FX-8320 does just fine, it's mainly GPU that affects the actual performance, not CPU. If you think the FX-6300 isn't good enough, the FX-8320 is still available for less than the i5 3450 and it'll perform close if not better in most cases. You still can overclock too.

    Keep in mind, 7870 vs 650 Ti:
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