What is the best 6.6 length graphics card

i have an alienware aurora with a 525 power supply. 2 pci express slots and i believe its SLI ready. Right now i have a nvidia geforce gts 240 card and i want to upgrade. The ports are small so im looking for the best card that can get that will fit the 6.6 in slot. So far all i have really seen is the nvidia geforce GT640 but i really dont know if maybe trying the SLI (i know nothing about it) would be better to try to reach the performance of the bigger cards. I want to run my games on max graphics. Thanks for the help :)
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    640 can't sli and is kind of a bad card. This card looks pretty good gtx 650
    That looks like the best card you can get that is 6.6 or less.
  2. Thank you, I couldn't see if it was SLI ready but the looks like a powerful card than anything I can find. Just ordered, Thx again.
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