I know I asked a million times but what should I do. I am getting a GPU for Christmas but I am stuck, should I SLI GTX 660, or single 670/7950/680/7970 with the possiblility of another card in the future. Or smartly, wait for the 8000 series from Radeon? I can wait until January 2013 and I game on a 27inch 1080 monitor and I have another 15inch 720 monitor for FaceBook. All suggestions welcome.
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  1. i would get a gtx 670 and sli next year, the 8000 series probly wont be available till february or march
  2. I would go with the 670 or a 7970 ghz edtion
    Most ghz editions cost about 450 and are on the same tier as a 680.
  3. If you can wait, you might as well decide later since its all pretty much up in the air since the prices are always moving.
  4. Wait and see if the Radeon HD 8000 series will be announced. Here's my logic:

    If the Radeon HD 8000 series doesn't come out by Christmas, there will be many sales on current Kepler and Tahiti based cards. If AMD is smart, they will at least announce the new GPUs and give some exclusive people the chance to play around with the cards, and then you can see the performance. From what I've read (couldn't find the article) the Radeon HD 8970 will be 20% faster than the current Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition/GTX 680, and the Radeon HD 8950 will be the target for high performance, without breaking-the-bank type of card, still more powerful than current flagship cards.

    AMD will be smart to release the new cards by Christmas, as it will be a powerful new graphics card, that many people will want. If AMD releases the card by Christmas, then there will be good sales as it will be Christmas season, and Boxing week.
  5. Erserver is actually right. They could be $100 cheaper by christmas (you never know with computer parts). The msi hawk 7870 has dropped $130 since it's release. There is also the factor that some of amd's 8xxx series might come out this year.
  6. but i can wait until gta v comes out and thats pretty much all i play and bf3
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    corsairmaster said:
    but i can wait until gta v comes out and thats pretty much all i play and bf3

    With prices shifting all the time, like @esrever and @ It_dan_zsu said, I would wait to see what you really need, and the best bang for your buck card at that time.
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