Fan colling

can anyone tell me as this is a new pc if these temps
are about about right at idle or wrong - pic below

running 120mm 2000rpm exhaust fan
CoolerMaster 120mm Sickleflow

side case fan 80mm with blue led no idea on rpm - intake

and 2 fans under the drive bays as in takes 80mm
Fractal Design 8cm 80mm Silent Cooling PC Case Fan
1400 RPM but running about 1100

cpu custom fan arctic freezer 7 pro
running around 1100 idle > anyway to increase this ?
max speed (2,200 RPM)

is the idle temp good or bad or ok ?
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  1. ps processor is a phenom 965be
  2. Temps are fine. You will have to get it into windows to see some real idle/load temps.

    When a system is in the OS and idle, the CPU clocks down to save power and heat.

    As it gets hotter, the cpu fan will speed up as needed, OR can be disabled in the bios(turn Qfan to OFF). With it off, the fan will run full speed all the time.
  3. wanted to be sure saved for a year for this
    gtx570 - amd 965 -
    i did supply a pic of temps

    as the 7 pro was running at idle 1100 rpm
    would it hurt it running at full 2000 rmp ?
  4. It would not hurt it. Just sounds louder then.

    Bios images are hard to use as some keep the cpu more loaded(or at full speed) while others do not(let it idle).
  5. so leave or do it ?
    difference or no difference ?
    will doing put all fans on max or just cpu ?

    cpu fan steed low limit was set at 200 rpm
    i tried it on 500 saw no difference, put it back to 200?
    and whats it for
  6. sorry for all questions im good with old pcs
    not so good with new tech
  7. the limit is when the board tells you the fan has failed. It has no effect on speed.

    Just set q-fan function from enabled to disabled if you want full speed. You have to save the bios and restart for it to take place.
  8. what i meant was the
    cpu fan steed low limit was set at 200 rpm
    it went up in steps of 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 - 600
    what i meant was - if it has no baring on speed what does it do ?

    and does Qfan to OFF
    refer to the cpu fans to max or all fans to max ?
  9. Fans controlled by q-fan will go full speed. not all boards control all fans. CPU fan will go full for sure.

    The low limit is a safety. Lets say the fan starts to fail and slow down, if it hits that limit the board will most times beep or even shut down to prevent cpu damage. It is like how a car will ding at you or show a light if you do not put on your seat belt.
  10. k 1 final question off topic -
    2 pcs 1 monitor
    1 pc is hmdi - pc2 is vga
    monitor is hdmi + vga socket

    attatched 2 cables to the monitor 1x vga 1 x hmdi
    plugged them into both pcs but powered off.
    which ever 1 i turn on - monitor sits in stand by.

    if i just run 1 pc through the monitor say hmdi or vga works...
    attactch 2 pcs 1 vga pc with cord to monitor and 1 pc to monitor
    on hdm i --- monitor just blinks and standby

    bottom line i have 2 desk tops pcs - 1 hdm1 gpu socket
    and 1 desktop gpu vga - some how or way im looking for
    a way to run them both through this monitor which does have
    a vga/hdmi port --- it just doesnt seem to like 2 pcs hooked to it
    or im doing it wrong ?
  11. Auto switching does not always work well.

    You should use the input select or source button on the screen it self to see if you can get to the active pc.

    I personally and running 2 computers on the same screen as we speak. 1 VGA and 1 DVI. I just use that button to swap and a sharing usb hub to swap devices from pc to pc.

    Biggest shame is it is now discontinued. I had one from another company for years and got 2 of those just in case i have one fail. Best device every made. each pc can have any device routed to it. so card reader on PC A mouse on PC B ect
  12. i have no switch - or button
    just 2 pcs ... 1 cabled from each pc
    going into the monitor - 1 hdmi - 1 vga
    which ever pc i turn on with both pc attached to
    the monitor - it wont start
    if i just attach 1 pc and turn it on > it works

    no buttons / switches
  13. the screen has to have some kind of switches/buttons. Most have at least an on and menu with some options.

    Please give me the model number of the screen you are using.
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