660Ti PE or 7870 Crossfire

Which confirguration performs better a 66TI Sli or a 7870 Crossfire?
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  1. 660 ti sli
  2. but id get neither since 1 stronger video card is always better than 2 weaker ones. get a 670 like the msi power edition
  3. Two 660's or two 7870's will handsomely spank a single 670 buy a huge margin so thats not correct.

    I would go for the 7870's Kepler is flawed achitecture, spikes in frame rates, negitive effects to high AA and nothing drivers can fix either.
  4. yes and it would use double the power cost almost 2x as much and generates a lot more heat. cool

    i dont see how kepler is flawed. it performs well, uses a low amount of power, and is generally faster than amd cards
  5. Higher clocks more shaders but they sacrificed on other aspects, the MSAA issue is not limited to the Bus either but a combination of everything.

    Obviously yes power and heat but you said "one stronger better than two weaker" which is not the case here particularly with a 670 not being the top card either. Perhaps 7850's but even then those cards will almost use the same power as a single 670 anyways.
  6. a 670 uses around 150w and 170w with a high amount of overclocking at full load

    yeah i was stressing on the power and heat. not so much on GPU power. my bad

    txaa kind of replaces msaa. and in most situations, its not that easy to tell the difference between different aa types and levels
  7. Get this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130782

    SLI/CrossFire consumes much power and it is hard to take care.
  8. reference cards are not even worth considering. they suck compared to better solutions such as the gigabyte windforce and the msi power editions

    i dont see the hype behind evga. especially the ftw....
  9. reference cards look good though, particularly AMD's, the red and black goes with a lot of motherboards today.
  10. look good<performance and cooling
  11. That is true but sometimes you don't need the cooling, sometimes you are shallow like me and prefer it looking nice.
  12. the reference cards run at like 75c+. my gigabyte (looks terribad) runs at 50c at full load
  13. Windforce works, but yeah, looks terribad :P
  14. i would have gotten the twin frozr 4 from msi but it wasnt on sale
  15. I personally don't see the bad in 2 660 ti in sli.The bandwidth in each of them may be relatively low but it doubles when used in sli providing 288.4 gb/s which is enough.What doesn't add up is the vram but once again 2gb is enough unless you opt to use triple monitor displays.
    To simply conclude, 2 660 ti in sli is the most bang for the buck for the end users.
    I'm using a single 660 ti for my full hd system and I don't find kepler architecture flawed.

    EDIT: bandwidth data correction
  16. TheBigTroll said:
    i would have gotten the twin frozr 4 from msi but it wasnt on sale

    I'm using one and its simply amazing.
    The fan speed is kept to 34% by default and at maximum load rises to 44%,still is enough to keep the gpu cool and its uber quiet.
    I have tried pushing the fan speed to 100% in one bump and it sounded like a jet engine starting.I so... love this thermal solution.
  17. my card doesnt touch 40% under load. 50c at full load
  18. That might be because of the ambient temperature.Here the ambient temperature is >34*C and i don't have air conditioning in my room. :(
  19. my ambient is 20c. if i wanted to, i can go outside and do some more overclocking. its 10c outside. canada is kinda cold
  20. It seems you can overclock your card outside and you won't have much problems :lol:
  21. nah. its good inside
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