Need to connect second router/ ethernet ports

Hi i'm almost done with building my first computer and the main issue i have now is connecting to the internet. When i was looking for a wireless card, everyone seemed to be having connectivity issues with all of these cards, and i regularly have interference issues when the microwave is used which completely knocks off my connection. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to connect a second router as i have a telephone port in my room/ and other ideas that you might know of so i am able to connect my PC/PS3 via ethernet.

Just some basic info, I'm on the O2 wireless network using their Thomson router, and i also have a Bt Homehub 2 lying about for some reason. I dont have a problem spending some money to buy a new router if this will solve my issue.

If not are there any reputable wireless cards that anyone would be able to suggest.

Thanks :)
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  1. Could the router be moved to your room? It looks like that router has 4 ethernet ports on it which should be fine for connecting your desktop to, and I would definitely try to run ethernet to it vs installing a wireless card if possible.
  2. That was my first idea but if possible i would prefer to use a wired connection downstairs as well as upstairs because there is a printer and a PC connected via ethernet. If i can't find a way to add another router i may just have to.

    Thanks for the suggestion :)
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